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Posted on April 16, 2018


One would think that it is common etiquette to RSVP, but many are wondering if the days of the RSVP are long gone.  More than not these days those four little letters go unnoticed leaving party hostesses scratching their heads and biting their nails before the big event.

Thankfully, there are several ways that you can encourage your guests to RSVP.

Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the response you need when sending out invites.

1.  Send them out on time.

You can’t blame guests for not responding if you send out your invites right before the event.  That is why it is important to send them out well in advance.  Of course, this time varies by the event type. For company picnics, as soon as you have a date and time, send out a save-the-date.  To get the best turnout, at least eight weeks notice is recommended.  In addition to invites, post flyers around your workplace and send out reminder e-mails leading up to the event.

2.  Utilize an online invitation service.

Online invitations such as Evite are much easier for guest to RSVP to and perfect for company picnics.  Facebook events work great too, however not everyone is on that platform.  Most of these online services are free, so you can even send them in addition to a paper invite with no extra cost.

3.  Provide alternate ways to RSVP.

Instead of just responding by phone, provide e-mail addresses or even a website where guests can RSVP (e-vites make this easy!).  You can even include “Text or Call [phone number] to respond.”  Many guests might hesitate to text at first, but if it is clearly stated on the invitation then they will find it okay.  In a workplace setting, you can even have an RSVP form where they can respond. Remember, the point is to get the responses no matter how they do it.

4.  Make the RSVP date prominent and urgent.

On many invitations, the reply date is tiny and in the corner where it is easily overlooked or seems unimportant.  Choose to make the date prominent on the invite.  It is also a good idea to provide a date as well as a sense of urgency to RSVP’ing.  For example, instead of just “Please RSVP” say “Please respond by June 11th so there isn’t a BBQ shortage!”  Our brains respond to scarcity, so phrases like this are more likely to get a response.

5.  Provide an incentive for those that RSVP early.

People love to win things.  Phrases like “The first 25 people to RSVP will win a $25 gift card” or “RSVP by July 8th to get entered into the drawing to win a flat screen TV!” provide a great incentive.

Now that you don’t have any worries about getting your guest to RSVP, it’s time to book your event at Faulkner’s Ranch! Check out our 2018 Picnic Package Flyers, then give us a call today to see how we can make your dream party come true!

Posted on February 23, 2018


Faulkner’s Ranch in Kansas City, Missouri is all about bringing people together and our company picnics are a perfect way to do just that.

Not sure a company picnic is right for your group? We’ve seen them in action and we know just how beneficial they can be for a company. Here are a few reasons company picnics are a must for your business.

Company Picnics Rejuvenate the Workplace

Everyone needs a day off from time to time. A company picnic is the perfect way to get your team outside and remind them what it is that makes your company special. Employees will not only return to work feeling rejuvenated, but they will also have a greater sense of appreciation and newfound motivation for the work they are doing.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We all know how important teamwork is in the workplace. By getting to know their co-workers better, employees are more inclined to ask the right questions and work in a way that makes your company more efficient and enjoyable as a whole.

Company picnics are also a great way to bond with other departments and build an appreciation for all they do. These events give employees the chance to network with people in a variety of different roles throughout the company that they may not have the opportunity to do on a daily basis.


Company Picnics Celebrate Your Successes

Company Picnics are the perfect time to celebrate your employees by showing your appreciation for their work.  Handing out awards, acknowledging those who have gone above and beyond, and sharing success stories are the perfect way to do just that.  Simple things like door prizes and awards for picnic contests are another way to celebrate your team.

Plus, having your employees all in one place gives different departments a chance to see each other’s successes.  Overall, company picnics are a great time celebrate those successes company wide.


Company Picnics Are a Family Affair

Company Picnics are the perfect opportunity to include your employees’ families.  At Faulkner’s Ranch there are activities for all ages.  From toddlers to grandparents, your guests will have something fun and memorable to take part in. By including these special people, it gives them an added appreciation for their loved one’s career.


Do It Right & Have It for Life

Company picnics are a great way to incorporate tradition into an environment where dynamics are ever-changing. Creating a tradition throughout your workplace is a great way to integrate new team members, while giving longtime employees the chance to celebrate their hard work and success.

In order to keep the tradition alive, it’s crucial to make sure your first company picnic, and every one after that, goes off without a hitch. Faulkner’s Ranch has all the details covered with our various company picnic packages so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. Leave it up to our party professionals to ensure that your event is one that your employees will be talking about all year long.

For more information on how you can give your employees a company picnic they’ll never forget, please visit our website or contact Faulkner’s Ranch for more information at (816) 761-5055.




Posted on February 13, 2018


Want to save money on your wedding? Choose in-season flowers!

Did you know that your favorite flower might cost you MORE money at a certain time of the year? That’s because flowers are seasonal.  This means that certain flowers tend to bloom during certain seasons.  Since that makes them more readily available during those times of year, it also means that they are cheaper during those times.  If you choose a flower that is out-of-season, it means that it will most likely have to be flown in from out of the country, which is possible, but also raises the price significantly.

Now, this isn’t the case for every type of flower – there are, of course, some varieties that bloom all year round.   However, it is important to consider the season of your wedding when choosing your wedding flowers because if you pick an out-of-season bloom, you could end up overpaying or going over budget.

Need help choosing in-season flowers?

Your florist is your best resource! Most florists know which flowers are in season and can guide you in your choices.  Even if you show an inspiration photo using different flowers, they can almost always find similar ones that are in season.  If there is a certain type of flower that you just HAVE to have but it is out of season, consider using it as an accent flower in your bouquet to lower costs.

Want to know what flowers are in season during the different months of the year?  Check out this handy list for some quick ideas…

Spring Wedding Flowers

Apple or cherry blossom, Cymbidium Orchid, Daffodil, Dogwood, Forsythia branches, Gerber Daisy, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Iris, Larkspur, Lilac, Lily, Lily of the Valley, Lisianthus, Mini Calla Lily, Pansy, Peony, Ranunculus, Rose, Sweet Pea, Tulip

Summer Wedding Flowers

Anemone, Aster, Button Chrysanthemum, Calla Lily, Craspedia, Cymbidium Orchid, Dahlia,  Daisy, Delphinium, Freesia, Geranium, Hydrangea, Iris, Jacobs ladder, Larkspur, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Poppy, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rose, Shasta Daisy, Snapdragon, Spider Chrysanthemum, Stock, Sunflower, Viburnum, Zinnia

Fall Wedding Flowers

Alstroemeria, Asiatic Lily, Aster, Calla Lily, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Gerbera Daisy, Gladiola, Marigold, Rose, Sunflower, Zinnia

Winter Wedding Flowers

Amaryllis, Anemone, Camellia, Casablanca Lily, Forget-me-not, French Tulip, Gardenia, Holly, Jasmine, Orchid, Mini Gerbera, Narcissus Paper Whites, Poinsettia, Ranunculus, Rose

For a more complete list of what flowers are available by season, click here.

Another Pro Budget Tip for Flowers:

Repurpose your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets by placing them in empty vases for the reception. This is a great way to cut the cost on centerpieces and extra decor!

Choosing in season flowers is just one of our favorite wedding budget tips.  Stay tuned for more clever ways on how you can save money and have the wedding of your dreams!

For more information on how you can have a beautiful Kansas City wedding, visit our website today!



Posted on May 21, 2017

Getting a marriage license may not be the first thing you think of when planning your wedding, but don’t let it be the last!

Luckily, there is no waiting period to obtain a license in the state of Missouri and the marriage can take place as soon as it is issued   The bride AND groom must be present to apply so finding time in your busy schedules may be your biggest challenge. Many people are surprised to learn that you sign your license at this visit rather than at the ceremony. You may want to “stage” a signing for the photographer on your wedding day (but take a selfie that day as well!).

Other things to consider:

  • Check the website of the county where you intend to visit for their hours of operation. You and your beloved may have a day off work for Columbus Day, but so will the government office!  Ceremony must take place within 30 days of the application.
  • Current cost is $50 for the application plus $10 if you want a certified copy of the license after it is issued. (Trust us, you do.)
  • Bring proper government issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport to verify your identity and age.
  • Relax, a blood test isn’t required in Missouri!

Make a day of it. Have lunch together and remind yourselves that your wedding day is less than one month away!

#Throwback to when Cowgirl Christine and Jamie had their marriage licensed signed!


Posted on March 28, 2017

Ahh, the summer company picnic!

The perfect opportunity for your organization to come together mid-way through the calendar year to celebrate and have fun with your employees and colleagues.

A company picnic is more than just a day of fun though – it also comes with great rewards! That’s right, the benefits of hosting a company picnic last far beyond the day of your event.

Read on to find out what we mean when we say

Your Picnic Will Pay Off!

To see the rewards of hosting a company picnic,  just look at the word…

Picnic Payoffs


Work hard, play hard, right?! Picnics allow your employees to participate and engage in fun activities that are good for the soul.  They are also a great way for your employee’s families to become involved and family support is one of the keys to having successful employees.  In addition to all of this, an annual company picnic gives leaders a chance to show their fun side.  There’s nothing like getting a chance to soak your CEO in the dunk tank!

Faulkner's Ranch Company Picnic Dunk Tank


Integration is an essential reason for hosting a company picnic in today’s business world.  Picnics and corporate parties help integrate your company, regardless of your employees’ positions, ranks and departments.  The simple conversations and face-to-face connections (sometimes the first meetings ever!) that come from these events create a lasting effect on work relationships.

Commitment and appreciation

Company picnics are the perfect time to recognize your employees by providing them with a fun time.  We have seen firsthand how thankful a workforce can be toward picnic staff and service people, and that gratitude stems from the appreciation they have for the bosses and people in charge of signing off on the picnic.  This in turn translates to your employees being more committed and appreciative of where they work.

Faulkners Ranch Company Picnic Balloon Toss


The better your employees know each other, the easier it may be for them to ask each other the right questions, give understandable feedback, and ultimately streamline certain processes.  The more teamwork your company can display, the more efficient you will be as a company, and that in turn saves you money!

Inspire gratitude

The appreciation we witness from employees who attend these events is heartwarming and affirms the purpose of an annual company event.  As a result, it encourages loyalty and continued hard work. Company picnics not only boost employees’ morale, but they also rejuvenate employees’ spirit. Plus, they are the perfect place to share great news! Is someone retiring or did you reach a certain milestone within the company?  This is the time to celebrate! Company picnics are also the perfect place to make major announcements in ways that the company is growing.  Because of these things, employees will leave feeling revived and looking forward to working for a growing company.


Company picnics are key to establishing the culture of your company. The culture of your company is the character and personality of your organization. It’s what makes your organization unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.  Hosting an annual company picnic is essential to maintaining and celebrating your company’s culture. The company picnic shows your employees that they are appreciated, celebrated, and will be rewarded for their hard work.

Faulkner's Ranch Wanted


Bonus: As a boss, you’ll feel rewarded too!

There’s a more personal payoff to company picnics that isn’t mentioned as often.  Company picnics provide a chance to look around and see hundreds of smiling faces all at the same time and take pride that it wouldn’t have happened without your company.  You can take pride in knowing that this day happened because of the group that you put together.


So think twice before you cut the company picnic.

The rewards you get from from hosting this event far outweigh the time and energy it takes to plan it – especially when you have your picnic at Faulkner’s Ranch!   Just choose from one of our four picnic packages, select your menu, and we do all the work! Setup, clean-up, orchestrating the fun – you just have to sit back and enjoy watching your employees and colleagues have a wonderful time making memories and building relationships with each other that they will take to work week after week.


Posted on July 28, 2016


1. Marry Your Monograms:

hanging-monogram-letters-wedding-detailsShow off you and your hubby’s new combined name with a simple wooden hanging monogram. You can buy these custom monograms several places online including on Etsy!

Display your monogram at your ceremony, reception, or on an entryway door to the venue. This pop of personality adds a sweet touch to your wedding and can be hung in your home to cherish for years to come!



2. Childhood Photos As Table Numbers

wedding-table-numbers-childhood-pictures-faulkners-ranchThis unique idea for table numbers will have you, and your guests, taking a walk down memory lane. Make each table number correspond with that same age number, and feature adorable side-by-side pictures of you and your husband for each year!

This is the ultimate personal touch, and a fun way to reminisce through the years. Also, these fun table numbers are a great conversation starter for guests that may not know each other at each table!


3. Beat the Heat with Personalized Fans

wedding-fans-personalized-faulkners-ranchPlanning an outdoor wedding? If there’s a chance things could get toasty, make sure your guests stay cool and comfortable by providing them with personalized fans. This is a simple, affordable way to carry out the theme of your wedding, while also showing your individualized style.

Have these at the entrance before guests are seated, along with refreshments to enjoy while they wait for your ceremony to begin. Another clever idea is to have your wedding program printed on the fan for a fun, yet practical way to combine the two.

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4. Customized Koozies  

personalized-wedding-koozies-sip-sip-hooray-faulknersKoozies are all the rage to have at weddings because they’re affordable, functional, customizable, and your guests get to take them home to remember your big day! Pick a color to match your color scheme, decide how many you need, and personalize them as you please. You could go with a simple monogram, or maybe a fun phrase to remember the day! Here are a few of our favorites:

To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold!”

“Cheers to many years and plenty of cold beers.”

“The vows are done. Let’s have some fun!”

“To love, laughter, and happily ever after”

“Sip, Sip, Hooray!”

Click here for more fun ideas just like these!


5. Welcome Chalkboard

chalkboard-wedding-personalized-sign-faulkners-ranchFind a fun chalkboard and add your personal twist! Use it as a welcome sign as your guests arrive, to direct them to their seats, or to point them in the direction of the reception.

This is another simple way to personalize your wedding. Not much of a Picasso? There are plenty of sites online that will customize your sign, and they can even make it permanent by using chalk paint.



7. Upgrade Your Wedding Guest Book

polaroid-wedding-guest-book-faulknersTraditional guest books can be great, but with so many new and creative ideas for wedding guest books, it’s fun to explore other options. For instance, set up a polaroid station for your guests to take a picture and make their mark in your guest book like the one to the right.

Want more fun guest book ideas? Check out these 7 Guest Book Ideas The Creative Bride Will Love





8. Honoring Lost Loved Ones

in-loving-memory-wedding-idea-faulknersWeddings are a celebration of the people we love, which is why it’s important to also remember those we have loved and lost. Honoring these special people adds a personal touch and allows guests to honor their remembrance along with you.

There are so many beautiful ways to share your day with those you wish could be there, like lighting a candle for them or reserving a seat in their memory. Setting up a table with pictures and a sign is a great way to simply say that someone you love is dearly missed on your wedding day.

9. Send Them Off in Style


What better way to end the night than with a stylish send-off. Make sure to tell your guests when it will happen so they won’t miss the goobye!


Whether you do a simple, yet beautiful tossing of flower petals, or you light up the night sky with a sparkler send off, there are so many unique and personalized ways end the night on a high note. Click here for more creative send-off ideas for your wedding!



10. Did You Say Party Favors?!

let-love-grow-wedding-party-favor-faulknersI mean, who doesn’t love party favors? It doesn’t have to be much, but these are a great last way to say thanks to your guests for coming. This is also your last chance for personalized perfection. Share a family-favorite treat to-go such as cookies, jams and jellies, or any others that can be easily packaged and are affordable.

Other great gifts include homemade soaps, bath salts, candy, CDs with your wedding songs, or even cute little plants that guests can take home and watch love grow!

Click here for more unique party favor ideas for your wedding!


One Last Thing …

Before you go crazy with these awesome ideas, the most important thing to remember is: don’t bite off more than you can chew! Choose one or two of your favorite ideas and make them great!

Also, leave the hot glue gun at home! Some of these cute ideas require assembling, and it is crucial that you don’t leave this until the day of the wedding at the venue. Whatever personalized touches you choose to bring to your wedding venue, we suggest you have these projects done at least 3 weeks ahead of time so you worry less and focus on getting married instead!

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Looking for the perfect wedding venue? Look no further than Faulkner’s Ranch. For more on what we have to offer, check out our wedding packages or contact us online today!

Posted on July 27, 2016
Company Party 2-Faulkners-ranch-kc

Sure, company parties in the summer are great, but if you missed your summer window there’s still time to book a wonderful event this fall! Whether business is doing great, or employee morale needs a boost, hosting a company picnic or party is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them.

But did you know that fall at Faulkner’s is one of the best seasons to host corporate events? That’s right! Check out these five reasons why.

Ready to book your company event? Take a look at our brand new Pumpkin Season packages!

Company Party 2-Faulkners-ranch-kc

1. Pumpkin Season at Faulkner’s Ranch

Pumpkin Season 3-faulkners-ranch-kcWhat could be more festive than a month-long event that provides daily seasonal activities, food and entertainment? Faulkner’s Ranch celebrates Pumpkin Season for the entire month of October, which makes it the perfect venue for your fall company party!

Enjoy the beautiful fall scenery and the pumpkin festivities all October long at Faulkner’s. Contact us today to schedule your next corporate event and make sure it will be a hit!

2. Weather

Kansas City fall weather alone is enough reason to plan a party! Between the changing leaves and the perfect temperature, what more could a party planner ask for? Nature provides a beautiful atmosphere without anyone lifting a finger, and it also provides a fun theme for your party without much effort at all.

3. Fall Food

single-marshmallow-roastingWhether it is pumpkin spice everything or flavors reminiscent of a Thanksgiving feast, the pure joy that comes from fall-themed foods is unbelievable. Pay special attention to your menu, and guests will never want a party any other time of year!

Faulkner’s offers mouth-watering barbecue, fresh baked pumpkin spice donuts, hot apple cider, and even gourmet s’mores! We also have bar options for those who want to kick up the fun. Just a few more reasons why choosing Faulkner’s makes for a fun and festive fall venue.

4. Availability

Fall is the perfect time for a company party – children are back in school, the holidays haven’t hit yet, and aside from the week of Thanksgiving, families rarely go out of town.

Faulkner’s has tons of opportunities for booking company parties because we allow your party to enjoy the ranch while it’s open to the public! This allows for large groups and is a great way to get your company’s name in the public eye. We offer three unique packages and an on-site manager to ensure your experience is top notch.

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5. Fun For Everyone

Emelia-KC-Royal-Pumpkin-faulkners-ranch-kcFall is great for company parties if for no other reason than it being Human Resources approved! Hosting a harvest party is all-inclusive, no matter a person’s background or beliefs. Also, hosting a company party at Faulkner’s is great for including families. With our wide range of fun activities, we have something for everyone, which makes us the perfect venue for celebrating everyone at your company!

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But wait — It doesn’t stop there. Faulkner’s Ranch also hosts holiday parties! Visit our website today and check out the fun your company could have at Faulkner’s Ranch!


Posted on June 27, 2016


Some say that rain is good luck on your wedding day, but let’s get real! No one wants or expects rain on their wedding day, and unfortunately, the weather is out of our control. However, one thing that you can control is having a backup plan so that your wedding day is the day of your dreams, no matter what the weather. Here are some tips for how to be prepared for the possibility of bad weather on your special day.


Most Importantly: Choose a Venue with Options

Flexibility at your venue is key. Choosing a venue with an indoor and an outdoor space will allow you to put bad weather worries on the back burner and focus on more important things.

Faulkner’s Ranch is a great choice for your wedding because we offer both beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. We are always checking the weather and if wee see a storm is coming, we can postpone your ceremony and entertain your guests inside with cocktails and appetizers while they wait out the bad weather. Of course, if the bad weather is here to stay, we can move your entire ceremony and party inside as well.

Looking for a venue that has it all? Look no further than Faulkner’s Ranch.


Keep Your Guests Dry

If your venue doesn’t have the luxury of an indoor and outdoor space, be prepared with umbrellas for your guests. They will need umbrellas as they are coming and going, along with a space for guests to stay dry during the wedding. If your guests are dry and comfortable they are much more likely to stay longer and participate in the festivities.


Keep Your Eye on the Sky, or at Least the Forecast

While most forecasts don’t predict weather months ahead of time, knowing the chances of rain as your event gets closer will help you be better prepared to put your backup plan into action. On the other hand, forecasts also change very quickly, so stay up to date with the latest information daily and even on the day of.

Helpful Tip: Stay prepared by downloading the Weather Channel App for real-time weather updates throughout your wedding day!


Protect Your Dress… and Yourself!

You spend a lot of time and money looking your best on your wedding day, which is why planning ahead will pay off. Don’t forget an umbrella for the bride, groom, and other members of the wedding party. Is your dress too big to fit under a regular umbrella? Try a patio umbrella instead! This way, your dress and your loved one walking you down the aisle will be protected.

Also, a sheet for under your wedding dress and some laundry wipes can help keep your dress dry and looking great the whole day even with bad weather.


Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud!

Prevent your heels from sinking into the grass with these nifty heel covers. These reusable covers come in different sizes, and slide right over your heels to protect you from all the elements including cobblestones, bricks, grates, wooden decks, mud, soft grass and more. These also prevent damage to antique floors and woven carpets, making them useful for any venue.


Make the Most of Your Photos

You only get one day to document your wedding, so make the most of your pictures, rain or shine!  Props such as fancy umbrellas, or rain boots in your wedding colors can add some fun to your photos. If the weather makes it impossible to take outdoor photos, be sure to choose a photographer who can also take excellent indoor photos.


Stay Positive & Flexible

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, embrace it! This is a special day you will remember for years to come, no matter the weather. While you may have envisioned your day a little differently, it will be best to stay dry and happy.

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For more information on how you can plan your dream wedding at Faulkner’s Ranch visit our website or contact us today!


Posted on June 2, 2016

While the traditional guest book will always be the classic standard, there are so many new and creative guest book ideas that go above and beyond simply signing your name in a book. Faulkner’s Ranch is showing you our favorite guest book ideas, just in time for your fall wedding. Which will you choose?

Looking for a wedding venue that will ‘WOW’? Find out what sets Faulkner’s Ranch apart from the rest.


1. Fall Leaves & Thumbprint Trees



Add to your fall wedding with a personalized touch. Provide ink pads for guests, ask them to leave their thumbprint, and then sign it.

You can buy the base for this whimsical guestbook on sites like Etsy, but there are also plenty of options besides trees for brides to choose from. After the wedding, you can frame this beautiful guestbook and hang it in your home to remember your special day forever.


Helpful Tip: Make sure to buy washable ink so your guests can wash the ink off their fingers once they are done!


2. Anniversary Wine

Pick out your favorite bottle of wine, and have four of them for guests to sign. These bottles will be for your first, fifth, tenth, and twentieth anniversaries. Guests can choose which bottle to sign, and will feel lucky to be a part of your lives for years to come.  

If you want to go the extra mile, have the bottles customized to have your initials, the date of your wedding, and the anniversary for each bottle. This is a gift that keeps on giving and will remind you of your special day for years to come!


3. Wishing Tree



This guest book idea is completely customizable and great for adding to the décor of your wedding. Guests can write their best wishes for the couple and add them on the tree with the others. When the wedding is over, collect the cards for another lovely way to remember your day.



4. Advice Coasters


A little martial advice can go a long way for newlyweds! These customized coasters are a great way to keep guests occupied at their tables, while also receiving a little token of love from each person who came to your wedding.


Helpful Hint: Have somewhere to put the coasters at each table when guests are done, to avoid mistaking them as useable coasters and smearing the ink.



5. Date Night Jar

date-night-jar-wedding-guest-book-faulkners-ranch-kansas-cityYou can never have enough date night ideas as a married couple, and these nights are one more thing to look forward to on your journey together. Have a jar, paper or popsicle sticks, and pens ready for your guests, and ask them to write their favorite date night spots and ideas. Next time you’re needing a night out on the town, pick a date night idea out of the jar and enjoy!


6. Lifetime Bucket List

For the more adventurous couple, ask guests to leave a recommendation to add to your bucket list. This can include great trips to take, restaurants to try, things to see, and more. You’ll have a lifetime of new adventures to plan together before the night is even over!


7. Classic With a Twist

If you want to go the traditional route, but want a way to spice things up, use polaroids! This adds a personalized touch, and doubles as a safe place to keep fun pictures from your wedding day in one place

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Faulkner’s Ranch wants you to have it your way on your wedding day. Click here for more information on packages and pricing for your special day.


Posted on May 30, 2016


Company picnics can be just what your employees need to boost productivity and morale in the office. But how do you ensure that the whole company is on board? Faulkner’s Ranch has some quick tips on how to increase the attendance – and the benefits – of your next company picnic.

Not sure a company picnic is worth the money? Check out: 4 Reasons Your Company Needs an Annual Picnic


1. Save The Date



One of the first steps to planning a company picnic is choosing a date. Once that date has been chosen, your next step is beginning to spread awareness of your event. Make sure to send a save the date or invitation early on and include all the information they’ll need to plan ahead and get excited, and make sure to include an RSVP email for guests to reply.


Want to go the extra mile? Create a Facebook event to go along with it. This allows you to update attendees of any last minute changes, send out reminders as the date approaches, and continue to generate buzz.



2. Post Flyers Around the Office

Sure, you may have sent out the invites months in advance, but once that invite is out of sight, it also becomes out of your employee’s mind. Keep a consistent design that matches the initial invite, and design a flyer or a poster to hang around the office to make sure they don’t forget.

We suggest posting these in high-traffic areas around your office for everyone to see. This will ensure that every employee remembers the big day, and that the attendance of your picnic will be booming!

Helpful Tip: Get creative and use the theme of your event to get your guests excited


3. Entice With a Prize

Everyone loves to be rewarded, especially when there’s a prize involved! A great way to do this is to reward employees who RSVP. For instance, reward the first 35 employees who RSVP with an early bird prize once they arrive at the event. This not only promotes more people to come to your company picnic, but it makes your life easier dealing with RSVP’s, and also gives them an incentive to show up on the day of the event.

Another way to reward party-goers is with a party favor! This gives employees one more thing to look forward to as well as encourage them to stay until the end of the event.


4. Include Families



Big companies struggle to plan events during work hours, and when company picnics fall during employee’s free time it tends to decrease attendance in a big way. A great way to increase attendance for company picnics that are outside of work hours is to include families.


This will not only boost attendance amongst employees with families, but it adds more meaning to the event, while also reminding them that your company appreciates and values the time they spend at work away from their families and loved ones.


5. Get It Trending

Get your employees involved with your company picnic. Create a hashtag and include it in everything leading up to the event, and use it as a way to track your success and get it trending throughout your company.

Using a hashtag for a company event is also great for the day of the company picnic. Any pictures or videos posted with the hashtag allows employees to access fun memories from the picnic even long after it’s all over.

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