Posted on April 18, 2013
Recently at the Ranch we hosted a super fun (and super yummy) event…A CHILI COOK-OFF!
That’s right! On March 23rd, we teamed up with Keller Williams Charities (KW Cares) for their chili cooking contest.  For just $20, you and your team could enter your special recipe.  Tickets to the event were only $5, which also got you a hot dog bar.  Hot dogs and chili…mmmm!  So good!  In addition to the delicious food there were also raffles and door prizes (a great addition to any event).
All of the proceeds went to the charity, so guests weren’t just treating their tummies to some yummy chow; they were also helping out a good cause!
It was a snow day which made for absolutely perfect chili-eatin’ weather…
There were 28 entries in all.  So much good food to try!
We even entered our own chili…
It smelled so good!  We used pulled pork as our special ingredient.
The Faulkner’s actually had two entries with Cousin Lisa’s entry, Mimi’s Chili.
Unfortunately, we didn’t place, but we did have a ton of fun working the event together that night!
David Coffelt was the emcee for the night.  He did a fantastic job!
And of course, we can’t forget the woman behind it all, Nancy Baalman! She was truly a joy to work with as we planned this event.
Now, I bet you’re all wanting to know who won, right?
Well, the judges had a tough job eating all of that incredibly delicious chili.
Accepting bribes? ;o)
But they finally picked a winner!  There he is, the man in red with the red hot chili!
He was a ton of fun.  In fact, we knew that he was going to win when we met him.  His chili had tri-tip steak (yum!) and he did such a fantastic job of promoting his chili.  He really sold it!
Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
This was such a fun (and delicious) night!  Thank you Keller Williams for choosing Faulkner’s Ranch as your party place!
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Have a great day ya’ll!


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