Posted on September 17, 2013
Remember when we showed you the ADORABLE and oh-so-unique wedding program from the Harney wedding?  Well, we wanted to show you some more of our favorite details from this special event at our Benjamin Ranch location.
Here is Christine with the Word from the Herd to tell you all about it!
Kevin (the Ranch J) and I had the amazing privilege to sit in on this wedding.  As you can imagine, between the two of us we must have over 500 weddings under our belts.  He and I both agreed that the Harney wedding goes down in history as one of the most special, thoughtful, personal ceremonies we have ever seen.  There were so many little touches that made it this way.  For example, when the bride’s father gave her away he talked for several minutes about the her character and strength which of course had everyone in tears.  The officiant was their pastor, as well as a good friend, who knew the couple well.  You could tell he believed that they were made for each other.
It was almost a surreal experience.  Just look at the light when she entered the room:
Didn’t she look stunning?
Speaking of stunning, let’s talk about the decor for the ceremony.  Russ Lawrence once again worked his magic and transformed the Benjamin Ranch into a charming, rustic, elegant place.
Speaking of the ceremony, I had never seen a foot washing incorporated into a ceremony before.  They added this because they wanted to show their service and sacrifice to each other.  It was so beautiful to watch.  The couple totally took their time.  I thought with their age they would surely snicker but the way they washed each others feet was so serious, sweet, and sincere.
Another small touch that made the ceremony wonderful was the sound.  Everyone who spoke was properly microphoned.  Doing this may cost a little bit extra, but it is totally worth it to share your vows for all of your loved ones to hear.
The reception area was also beautiful.  Russ Lawrence did an amazing job once again with the decor.
Of course, we can’t end this post without mentioning the food.  They had a buffet that was sure to please all of their guests.
The entire evening was just wonderful.  Oh, and we can’t forget this fun detail!  The bride and groom had their very own hashtag for Instagram!  That is such a great way to ensure that you get copies of all of the candid shots that people take throughout the night.  In fact, it’s like your own little online wedding album that you can look at right away.  They even shared some photos themselves.  The very last photo of the night was added by them: a selfie of the Harney’s titled “We’re Married!”
It was such a fun night and we feel so blessed to have been a part of it.
Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Harney!
~ Cowgirl Christine
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