Posted on August 14, 2014
Did you know that in many cultures, rain on your wedding day is actually a sign of good luck?
However, despite the good fortune, most brides are hoping that for clear skies on their big day.  But, as you know, you can’t control the weather (especially here in the Midwest where it is unpredictable).  What you can control though is making sure that you have a back-up plan in case the drops start to fall.  That is why we are so thankful to have a beautiful backup plan for rainy days at Faulkner’s Ranch!
We’re sure that Jessica and Tyler agree.  After all, on June 28th it was a very rainy day for this sailor and his beautiful bride.  While for some, that might mean the entire day is ruined, that wasn’t the case for them.  Our Plan B was ready to go with all of the accommodations that they would need to let the wedding continue without a hitch and to keep their guests nice and dry.
Instead of having the ceremony outside under the arbor, we moved it into our banquet barn.

Photo by CWeaver Photos
Photo by CWeaver Photos

Photo by CWeaver Photos

You would have never known that this wasn’t the original plan.  A big reason for that is because of the wonderful attitudes of everyone involved.  The family was so nice and the couple remained calm and flexible as decisions were being made.  Evidence that their love will survive any rainy day. 
Do you have an outdoor wedding planned?  Here are a few things to consider if you are concerned about the weather:

1. Always have a backup plan and draw up a “wet weather” run sheet.   Luckily, we already have that for you! That is one of the beautiful things about having a wedding at the Ranch.  In addition to the lovely alternate indoor venue, we will also guide your vendors if a change of plans has to be made.  There is no need for you to worry about those things.  Let us take care of it!
2. Check the weather report that week. If your wedding is on a Saturday and you check the weather on Thursday to see an 80% chance of stormy weather, take that as an opportunity to call your vendors. For example, your florist may be able to secure more items or tailor them to your Plan B so that this location looks as good as it would have outdoors.
3. Think about your guests! It might be your dream to get married outside, but your guests won’t be near as happy (nor will they stick around as long afterward) if they are getting wet.  Happy guests means a fun reception!
4.  Protect your dress.  You might be able to sneak outside at some point for photos.  Make sure that you have a white sheet (many photographers bring one, but it doesn’t hurt to have one on hand) to place under your dress to keep it from getting wet and dirty.  A few Shout Wipes on hand are also a good idea just in case you do have a run-in with a little mud.
5.  Stay positive and flexible.  This is your wedding day after all! You don’t want the weather to ruin one of the biggest days of your life.  So, take some deep breaths, put all of the worry on your coordinator (that’s what we’re here for), and just have fun! While it can be a bummer to accept defeat to the rain, the sooner the decisions are made the better everything will flow.  Plus, let’s face it – your day will be amazing no matter rain, sleet, wind, or snow! 
Jessica and Tyler did just that and they had a truly beautiful wedding!  And what do you know – the storm clouds passed and we were able to enjoy the reception outdoors!
Photo by CWeaver Photos
Photo by CWeaver Photos
Photo by CWeaver Photos
Photo by CWeaver Photos
Photo by CWeaver Photos
Congratulations Jessica & Tyler! It was an absolute honor to host your  wedding at the Ranch!  We wish you both the very best! 
Photo by CWeaver Photos

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Have a great day, y’all!

~ Your Friends at Faulkner’s


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