Posted on November 22, 2012
Thanksgiving is a very special time of year that allows us to reflect on all the wonderful blessings that have been bestowed upon us.  Here at Faulkner’s we have so much to be thankful for.
Just see below…
“I am thankful for all of our customers that have graciously supported the ranch this past year and our wonderful staff that tirelessly serves them.”
– Bob Faulkner, Owner
“Of course I am thankful for my hard-working husband and healthy, happy kids.  Professionally I am thankful for my mentor.  To work 16 years alongside someone with over 50 years of experience has been incredible.  I have learned so much from his wisdom and feel that every successful business person needs a mentor such as I have in Bob.  Also, I am thankful for my mother who with Bob really built our event planning business from nothing.  And lastly, I’m thankful for the opportunity to conduct business freely (for the most part) in the land that I love, provide jobs, be creative, and love what I do!”
– Christine Loneman, Manager
“I am thankful that I get to be part of this wonderful family business even though we live three hours away.  I’m also thankful for my loving husband, my cuddly pooch, our warm home, and of course, our beautiful baby girl that is on the way!”
– Kelly Jo Jordan, Director of Social Media
“I am thankful to have Benjamin Ranch and Faulkner’s Ranch in my family’s life! The work experience it offers is incredible and the memories it offers will be treasured later in life. The fun and family togetherness it offers is an amazing blessing. The ranch fulfills a place of belongingness and without it, our family would incomplete.”
– Lisa Gosselin, Creative Genius
And of course, we here at Faulkner’s are all thankful for something absolutely wonderful – YOU!
So, from all of us, to all of you,
Happy Thanksgiving folks!
Posted on November 15, 2012
Have you ever heard how the Faulkner family began their family business?
It may surprise you that it all began over 50 years ago with a little dosey doe!
That’s right!
It all started in the 1950’s when Bud and Mary Faulkner began teaching square and round dancing lessons!
Bud and Mary Faulkner
While Bud was the caller, Mary recruited people for the classes.  The classes were such a success that there was an actual shortage of square dance apparel in the Kansas City area!
Mary seized the opportunity and started ordering square dance shoes, petticoats, pantaloons, and dresses which she would sell out of their house. One day, Bud came home from his full time job, hoping to lay down for a nap, only to find a group of women at the house shopping away.
It was the very next day that Bud found the location at 7914 Wornall Road to open Kansas City’s first square dance apparel store.
Faulkner’s Western Store
To this day, the Faulkner family still loves to pay tribute to the dance that started it all.  Hence why this year they invited the Crazy Eight Square Dancing Club to perform at the Pumpkin Farm.
The Crazy Eights Square Dancing Club performed at the Pumpkin Farm this October.
To read more about how the Faulkner’s grew into the family business they have today, click here.
Have a great day ya’ll and stay tuned for more fun from Faulkner’s!
Posted on October 5, 2012
Remember when Joel Nichols visited the ranch back in September!
Well, our favorite hilarious weatherman was back this week to have some Pumpkin Season fun!
Here he is interviewing Corey, our spokesperson!
Tune into KMBC 9 News on the morning of Sunday, October 14th to see what these two were chatting about!
And just in case you missed it, CLICK HERE to see Joel horsing around at the ranch back in September.
We told you he was hilarious folks!
Come have fun like Joel did out at the ranch this weekend for Wild Western Weekend!
Remember, if you wear a cowboy hat you get $1.00 off admission!
Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on September 14, 2012
Remember on Wednesday when we told you all about our huge power outage during a picnic?
Well boy oh boy, were we sure glad to see the power come back on because that evening we had a second event with 150 guests who were in for a real treat…
The one and only,
All the way from Nashville, Tennessee,
Haven’t heard of him? Well, we hadn’t either.
But we knew he was a big deal when he rolled up in this…
This is a guy to keep your eye on because he sounded amazing.  Just check out the clip below…

And he had a CD, which everyone at the party got to take home a copy of!
All in all, he is kind of a big deal and you may want to check out his Facebook page so that you can tell your friends “I knew him before he won a CMA.”
Christine poses for a picture with Glen Templeton.

It was a blast having his band before at the Ranch.  In addition to the awesome private show, the guests enjoyed the BBQ so much that the party host and the client recognized the Ranch Staff at the end of the event on the microphone and said that the food was “phenomenal.”
I guess you’ll just have to stop on by and try it out for yourself ;o)

So, as you can see, our September events at the Ranch are in full swing! 
Stay tuned for our next Word From the Herd titled 5 events in 3 days!  That’s right:
1.  Wedding (Friday at FR)
2.  Fraternity Party (Friday at BR)
3.  Retirement Banquet (Saturday at BR)
4.  Class Reunion (Saturday at FR)
5.  Company Picnic (Sunday at FR)
Approximately 1500 folks!
Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on September 11, 2012
We just love having weddings here at the Ranch and on August 18th we were lucky to be a part of one of the sweetest and most Pinteresty weddings that we have had at the ranch to date.
What can we say?
Kelly & Anthony Ammerman were our perfect country bride and groom!
From the get go they were an absolute pleasure to work with.  And we loved seeing all of the details on the special day.  Seriously – everything was “Pin-Worthy!”
Everyone had such a wonderful time that day.
The ceremony was beautiful.  Even the deer came out to make an appearance leaving the groomsmen were all wishing that they could hunt that day ;o).
As for the he reception afterwards, it can be described in three words: 
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Lots of dancing and lots of country music!
It was absolutely fantastic!
You can just see it in the pictures below…
Thank you to Jessica at Tin Roof Studio for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!
And thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ammerman for having your special day at Faulkner’s!
Here’s wishing you the best!

PS – Are you interested in having your wedding at Faulkner’s Ranch?  Then just click here for more information on how we can help make your big day everything you dreamed!

Posted on August 29, 2012
This weekend was a sad one here at the ranch.
One of our most beloved ranch animals passed away.
Tex, gentle giant died peacefully on Saturday morning of old age.
Tex was more than just your average longhorn steer.  
We first met Tex when he was touring the rodeo scene and made a stop at the Benjamin Ranch Jaycee’s Pro-Rodeo.
Despite his ginormous size, he was as gentle as could be.  Children loved getting their pictures taken while they sat upon him.  

Sometimes it took quite a bit of bravery to muster up the courage for a picture.  After all, he weighed as much as a car or small truck.  However, that fear would disappear as soon as they would pet him.  Tex was as harmless as could be.

In 2004, after years of touring the rodeo scene and making people smile, it was time for Tex to retire.
When Bob heard that Tex was no longer going to be traveling on the road, he decided to purchase him and make him a part of the Faulkner Family so that he could spend his last years grazing in the fields and being adored (and very spoiled) by the kids during Pumpkin Season. 
It goes without a doubt that Tex will be greatly missed.
It also goes without a doubt that he will be fondly remembered as one of the most gentle and adored animals that we have had the privilege of caring for.
Happy Trails Tex!
Posted on August 16, 2012
Here at Faulkner’s Ranch we love seeing all of the creative birthday ideas that our mamas and papas bring to the table.  Below are three of our favorite ways that they have blown our mind with their creativity.
Check it out!
Our mama’s and papa’s never fail to amaze us with the awesome cakes that they bring in.  Check out three awesome pony theme cakes that we just LOVE!
We loved how these parents shined a spotlight on their birthday kiddos by personalizing some really cute aspects of the party.
Below are Snapfish photo books that the birthday momma has made for the birthday girl every year!
We love traditions like these!
 Did you know that you can make personalized birthday plates through Hallmark? This mama knew and she ordered these adorable plates with one of her favorite photos of her little cowboy.  To order your own personalized picture plates from Hallmark, click here.
How cute is this gift? It’s everything to whip up a batch of cupcakes! It even includes a crown, which we agree ever woman should get to wear in the kitchen.
The aunt also gifted an adorable homemade apron.
We hope that you enjoyed these creative birthday party ideas as much as we did!
Interested in having a Birthday Pony Party at Faulkner’s Ranch? Then just click here for more information partner!
Also, don’t forget about our special Pumpkin Season birthday parties during the month of October.  For more information on these, click here!
Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on August 15, 2012
This past Monday was a a very fun day here at Faulkner’s Ranch.
From L to R: Dick, Judy, Marilyn Jo, and Bob
All four of the Faulkner siblings were together again.
Marilyn Jo came to visit from New York, so they kicked off the week by having a delicious lunch at the Ranch.
So what are they all up to today?
Dick still runs Faulkner’s Saddlery and travels to horse shows around the country.
Judy is happily retired and awaiting the arrival of her first grandbaby in January.
Marilyn Jo resides in New York where she is happily retired.  She is also an avid traveler and has been all around the world.
And Bob can be found right here at Faulkner’s, working hard and loving what he does.
Years may have gone by…
But not much has changed.
Still lots of love and lots of laughs.
To read more about the history of the Faulkner family, from the original western store to how Faulkner’s Ranch came to be, click here.
Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on August 4, 2012
Here at the ranch we always have a lot of projects going on.
Here’s Richard to give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek on one of our latest (and super fun) projects.
Word From the Herd: Mechanical Horse Restoration
by Richard
This project involved the mechanical and cosmetic restoration of a coin operated horse.

Bob bought the horse at a local auction, and while it was operable, it was in pretty sad shape

Here we see some of the damage, and the hole for the original coin mechanism which will have to be filled.
The manufacturers plate.  This machine was built by The Exhibit Supply Co. of Chicago.
I believe it was likely built in the early 1950’s.
This photo shows part of what would be the long and arduous process of removing the old paint.
I estimate that the horse had been repainted at least three times, and each time it would receive both base color, and the detail color in places such as the mane, tail, hooves, etc…
This resulted in eight or more layers of paint in places.
I was able to strip the paint mechanically in some areas, but the fine detail of the head and the tail required a chemical stripper.  The stripper had to be mild enough not to damage the sixty year old fiberglass, but mean enough to remove the paint.  The very cold weather, and the need to wash the stripper off after each application also added to the difficulty.
Cracks, chips, and other damage had to be cleaned, and in some cases, enlarged, to allow the new resin to bond to the old fiberglass.
The first layers of resin were applied, then sanded.
Once they were relatively smooth, a coat of primer was applied to act as a ‘guide coat’, allowing me to better see areas which required further attention.  There are perhaps a total of five or six guide coats, much of which is sanded off to achieve a smooth finish.
Once an acceptable surface was obtained, the final coat of primer was applied.
The first coat of color.
Painting the detail colors with a brush.
The new coin box installed and wired.
Complete and ready to go.  This shaky photo was courtesy of my Mom.
This has been a really fun project, with a few challenging twists and turns.
I’m glad to know that this old guy (the horse) will be around for another fifty or sixty years, bringing joy to children of all ages.
Thanks Richard!  I think we all can agree that it looks awesome! Just check out this before and after folks…
Be sure to stop on by the ranch this Pumpkin Season to take a ride on our shiny “new” mechanical pony!
Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on August 1, 2012

Saturday July 21st was a very special day here at Faulkner’s Ranch.
Over 200 guests showed up for our exclusive event, Ponies and Pancakes, to help benefit SIDS Resources.
Here are some fun facts about the day:
We served 520 pancakes….

The kids LOVED the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles.

Surprise, Surprise!
We also served 400 of the most delicious sausage links….

We had 100 pony rides
and raised $2,300 for SIDS Resources!!!
This year we also added some fun new activities.
Rex Purefoy and his trick horse Radar entertained the crowds…
In case you missed out on the show, Rex and Radar will be back this fall for Pumpkin Season 2012.  Check our website in the future for dates and times!
Kids were also flying through the sky on Zippity Zack’s Zip Line…

Check out this 22 month old daredevil…

Go Sam!
We also want to give a big thanks to Greg Kartsonis with GameKart Mobile Gaming.
Everyone had a blast hanging out in the awesome air-conditioned trailer.
We can’t forget to mention our big giveaway where one lucky winner went home with a Faulkner’s Ranch Pony Party!!!
(Psssst – There is going to be another chance to win a Pony Party this fall!  Sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to receive all the details!)
Overall the day was an absolute blast!
There is nothing as fun as having a great time on the ranch AND helping out a wonderful organization.

Don’t miss out on the next Ponies and Pancakes scheduled for Saturday, July 20th, 2013 from 8am to 11am.
A steering committee for that event will be assembled soon.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jessica Lillis ( or get in touch with SIDS Resources.
Once again, a big huge Faulkner’s thank you to everyone who came out and made this day so special!
Have a great day ya’ll!


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