Posted on July 29, 2014
This summer, we were once again honored to host Kansas City’s debutantes for one of their Jewel Ball parties! 
Leading up to the big Jewel Ball, the families of the debutantes host a series of parties.  We’ve hosted them many times before at Benjamin Ranch, but this was their first time here at Faulkner’s.  Needless to say, we were so excited to welcome them and show them a wonderful evening!
This evening was so magical!
They arrived via buses which is always a great way to get the party started.  Upon arrival everyone was served fresh squeezed lemonade and popcorn to enjoy while they played the ranch recreation.  
Then it was time to hop on the mechanical bull! 
For dinner they enjoyed chicken, beef, and vegetable kabobs with roasted red potatoes, salad, corn, watermelon, and warm dinner rolls with butter.  For dessert, there was warm fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream.  Yum!
See this beautiful decor?  All of the fresh flowers you see were grown on one of the host family’s farms.  They looked absolutely amazing! And those cute little mason jar cups you see above?  Those were the adorable party favors!
After dinner the talented Dana and Donna Schirmer taught the group how to square dance.  They had a blast!  This is a great activity for any event because it helps everyone loosen up on the dance floor – even those “non-dancers”.  Dana and Donna are great at teaching it too! They start out easy with the popular dances to fill the dance floor, then gradually they move everyone into squares to teach them the basics of square dancing.  After 45 minutes, they are do-so-do’ing and promenading like pros!  Of course, square dancing holds a special place in our heart since it was the very start of how Faulkner’s Ranch came to be
The evening ended with a full dance floor and the Garry Lincoln Band jamming the night away!  
There’s nothing quite like dancing to country music in front of the bandstand under the twinkle lights and starlight!
Thanks once again to KC’s Debutantes for choosing Faulkner’s Ranch!  Y’all are just wonderful!
To see pictures of their beautiful Jewel Ball, click here!
Have a great day, y’all!
Posted on August 13, 2013
It’s always fun to host a group of out-of-towners at the ranch.  In fact, it is one of the favorite types of event that we produce!
So, of course, when Sarah from Notables in Minneapolis, MN called inquiring about a group of clients that they wanted to entertain during an upcoming convention that was going to be held in KC we were very excited.  Sarah’s partner, Rich, visited the ranch last winter to view the facility and discuss the details.  The rest is history!  We were delighted to finally host this fun group from all over the country with a fun-filled evening at the ranch this summer.
Check out the details below!
We couldn’t help but notice what the back of the bus said that they arrived on:
“Very Special People On Board.”
Amen to that!  They were special!
Okay, back to the par-tay!
They had lots of special touches planned that made the evening one that their guests will remember for a long time.
Here, let us just paint you a picture.  
Close your eyes and imagine yourself roasting s’mores by a summer campfire as you listen to Garry Lincoln strum his guitar and serenade you with his gorgeous voice.  Are you picturing it?  ….
Before they got to that part of the night though they enjoyed some other great things.  Just get a look at what was for dinner.
Are you drooling yet?  Yup, that’s what we thought.  Not sure if you know this, but we make all of our own BBQ here at the ranch – no outside catering here!  And, we don’t want to brag or anything, but it is dang good! Don’t believe us?  Then just try some during Pumpkin Season – it’ll have you comin’ back for more! 🙂
In addition to the chow, they also played some fun ranch games.  No matter what age you are, there is nothing like a good cow milking contest.  Never milked a cow before?  Don’t worry – Old Bessy is a good one to practice on 😉
They also had some fantastic party favors that were right up our alley.
Aren’t these belt buckles cool?  We loved this party favor because not only is it usable, but it ties in with the theme of the night.
We were so glad that we go to spend such a fun evening with these folks!  You can imagine how delighted we were when we opened up our Inbox and saw that a special video of the night had been e-mailed to us from Cesar Hernandez, their graphic designer.  Click here to see it yourself – it’s awesome!

Interested in having an event at Faulkner’s Ranch?   Well, then just click here pardner!
Have a great day, ya’ll!

Posted on August 8, 2013
Things have been getting pretty hardcore at our company picnics lately.
That’s right, we’ve been tattin’ it up and gettin’ inked!

Don’t worry if you’re afraid of needles though!  You won’t find any at our tattoo stations.
That’s because these are all done with an airbrush by our skilled tattoo artists.
These airbrush tattoos are the not only painless, but they’re also non-permanent.  The perfect kind if you ask us!
This amenity has been very popular with all ages.  Talk about a great activity to provide at your company picnic or birthday party!
Now we wanna know:
If you could get any tattoo, what would you get?
Interested in learning more about our Company Picnics?  Well then CLICK HERE, pardner!
Have a great day, ya’ll!
Posted on January 18, 2013
One of the things that we love about our two venues is how they can be transformed to fit almost any theme.
A prime example of this is the AMAZING Harley Davidson Themed 75th Birthday Party that was hosted by the ever creative Gosselin clan last weekend at the Benjamin Ranch.  You might recall some of their past events and creations.  Seriously, when they get together there is no stopping their event awesomeness.  
This party was a surprise celebration for Milt, their loving father and grandfather. 
When he walked into the barn over at Benjamin Ranch he had no idea what was in store for him that afternoon…

Let’s just say, he was truly impressed!
People from as far back as Milt’s childhood friends were invited to celebrate his big 75th birthday.  Michele, his daughter, created the invitations using a picture that she had taken when Milt purchased his Harley (we told you he’s a wild one!) and had them printed through Shutterfly.  Shutterfly is a great invitation resource and you can often find great deals on their printing services.
To get everyone in the party spirit, they were greeted at the door by the Gosselin family.  All of the guests were given a dew-rag, tattoos (fake, of course), and a name tag which included how they knew Milt.
Milt was even suited up with big birthday gift of some hot new chaps…
The decor is really what set this event apart.  With just a few additions, they were able to transform the barn into a wild motorcycle evening for this milestone party!
Take the cake table for example…it’s one that you might not expect to see at a 75th birthday party.  
Let’s just say – the “hot bod displays” were really the icing on the cake and a perfect addition to the Harley theme.  
Speaking of those Biker Babes, the mannequins and their sassy attire came from local thrift stores. 
As for the Harley engine replicas that were scattered throughout the party place, they came from P-Ayr Products in Leavenworth, KS.

One of the highlights of the evening was the amazing photo wall.  Lisa Gosselin, Milt’s daughter-in-law, rigged up this beauty by painting some to resemble sheet metal and adding a Harley-Davidson vinyl logo (have we mentioned that she is the queen of vinyl?).  She then added some racing flag decor that Michele had found to really give it a pop!
This photo booth was a great idea!
They first used it as the perfect backdrop for Milt to model his new biker attire to the tune of “Bad To the Bone.”  After that, it was not only was it a fun activity for the guests, but it also provided some really neat and out of the ordinary family and friend photo keepsakes…
The Biker Babes even got some extra attention here ;o)

Like father, like son.
The party people then chowed down on some amazing food that included Faulkner’s smoked wings (teriyaki and plain), mozzarella sticks, chips and salsa, popcorn, firecracker crackers, and more.
They also had pedal car races, a corn hole toss, bull riding and other games available for their guests to play and enjoy.
Overall, this was a super fun party with lots of fantastic memories!  Thanks to the Gosselin clan for bringing some wild fun to the Benjamin Ranch!

Interested in having a special party to celebrate a loved one?  Check out our website and then give us a call at 816-761-1234!  We’d love to help you plan a wild night of your own!

Have a great day ya’ll!

~ Your Friends at Faulkner’s

Posted on January 5, 2013
So, you’re having a company party!
Maybe it’s a post-season holiday party or a new quarter kick-off.  No matter what the occasion, you want to make it the best it can be.  Well, have no fear – we’re here to help!
Here are 5 things that you can do to make your holiday party more than just the average office party!
1.  Get The Party Started Before They Arrive
Have the party going before the guests even get to the venue – aka get a party bus!  Not only does this start the fun, but it is a great way to get your guests safely to and from the location, especially if you are having liquor.  Plus, you can keep the party going afterwards by driving around town before heading back to your starting location.

2.  Hire Amazing Entertainment

It’s not every day that you get to see a Wild West Show or a hilarious magician.  Give your employees that treat!  Not only are most of these shows interactive which means that it will get them involved, but they will be talking about them around the water cooler for weeks to come.

3.  Give Away Awesome Party Favors

What’s great about having party favors is that you can get more bang for your buck if you do it right.  Hire a caricature artist or rent a photo booth.  These will provide great entertainment during the party and give your guests something to take home to remember the fun that they had!

4.  Have a Specialty Drink

Come up with a signature cocktail for the night.  Give it a fun name that is special to your office or what you’re celebrating.  Then provide the recipes either at the bar or in an e-mail the next week when you thank everyone who attended!  Check out how Kansas City Internal Medicine did this at their holiday office party with their specialty cocktail called “The Elf.”

5.  Get Silly!

Believe it or not, people LOVE to play games at parties, whether it be a scavenger hunt or something like a contest to see who can stay on the mechanical bull the longest.  Need help thinking of ideas?  Hire a Ranch J to lead games for you!  They have a ton of them in their back pocket and are awesome at getting everyone involved.

Trust us, if you do any or all of these things then your employees will be sure to have an AMAZING time!
Now all you have to do is give us a call at 816-761-1234 to schedule your super fun event!  And be sure to check out our website for more info!
Have a great day ya’ll!


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