Posted on December 19, 2013
Earlier this month we asked our ranch team what some of their favorite memories were of The Benjamin Ranch.
Here’s what they had to say:
Coordinating 5 events and turning the facilities over for the next day. Whew! The Harley “Hog” Rodeo and Dance was exciting. Nothing but the sound and sight of Harley’s on 435 highway for miles and miles! The Fourth of July Rodeo with Benny Benjamin at the reigns of a 6 horse hitch galloping at full speed in a crazy eight pattern!
-Marilyn Faulkner
I absolutely loved the rodeo.  It was such a colorful and festive time.  And now every time I hear Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” it takes me back to watching the fireworks in the rodeo arena.  I have also enjoyed celebrating so many major milestones at Benjamin to include my Sweet 16, college graduation party, J-me’s college graduation party, our couples wedding shower, and numerous birthday parties for Glory and Miles.  Benjamin Ranch is also the place where I started my event planning career and learned so much!
– Christine Loneman
I have many Benjamin Ranch Memories.  For one, my husbands and I had our wedding reception there.  We arrived in the Benjamin Ranch Stagecoach.  The entire reception was awesome.
Also, I remember working 3-4 Christmas parties happening at once there in different barns (the barns were decorated beautifully). The 4th of July rodeos and the Haunted Benjamin Ranch will never be forgotten either.  I am blessed that Benjamin Ranch was a big part of my life.   
– Lisa Faulkner-Gosselin 
When I think of my childhood, I immediately think of Benjamin Ranch.  It feels like I practically grew up there.  I remember how exciting it was every summer when the rodeo arena would start to buzz around the Fourth of July.  Just hearing Garth Brook’s “Rodeo” sends me back to it.  I remember riding in the Grand Entry and feeling like a rockstar and then line dancing the night away to the honky tonk bands following the rodeo. Benjamin Ranch was also the place where I learned how to horseback ride, celebrated countless birthdays, sang the Star Spangled Banner for the first time, and celebrated my college graduation.  Then, I got the chance of a lifetime when I got to be the creative director of The Haunted Benjamin Ranch and bring the old stables back to life (or should I say, back to dead?).  The Benjamin Ranch has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I am so sad to see it go, but I am exciting for the memories that we will continue to make at Faulkner’s.
– Kelly Jo Jordan
A lot of things I remember must stay at the ranch, lol!
– Michael Foley 
That’s right, Foley!  What happens at the ranch, stays at the ranch! 😉
Of course, we love what Bob Faulkner had to say about his favorite memories when Fox 4 News Kansas City joined him the morning of the auction.  For the full story, click here.
Now, we wanna know:
What are you favorite memories of The Benjamin Ranch?
Have a great day, ya’ll!

Posted on January 18, 2013
One of the things that we love about our two venues is how they can be transformed to fit almost any theme.
A prime example of this is the AMAZING Harley Davidson Themed 75th Birthday Party that was hosted by the ever creative Gosselin clan last weekend at the Benjamin Ranch.  You might recall some of their past events and creations.  Seriously, when they get together there is no stopping their event awesomeness.  
This party was a surprise celebration for Milt, their loving father and grandfather. 
When he walked into the barn over at Benjamin Ranch he had no idea what was in store for him that afternoon…

Let’s just say, he was truly impressed!
People from as far back as Milt’s childhood friends were invited to celebrate his big 75th birthday.  Michele, his daughter, created the invitations using a picture that she had taken when Milt purchased his Harley (we told you he’s a wild one!) and had them printed through Shutterfly.  Shutterfly is a great invitation resource and you can often find great deals on their printing services.
To get everyone in the party spirit, they were greeted at the door by the Gosselin family.  All of the guests were given a dew-rag, tattoos (fake, of course), and a name tag which included how they knew Milt.
Milt was even suited up with big birthday gift of some hot new chaps…
The decor is really what set this event apart.  With just a few additions, they were able to transform the barn into a wild motorcycle evening for this milestone party!
Take the cake table for example…it’s one that you might not expect to see at a 75th birthday party.  
Let’s just say – the “hot bod displays” were really the icing on the cake and a perfect addition to the Harley theme.  
Speaking of those Biker Babes, the mannequins and their sassy attire came from local thrift stores. 
As for the Harley engine replicas that were scattered throughout the party place, they came from P-Ayr Products in Leavenworth, KS.

One of the highlights of the evening was the amazing photo wall.  Lisa Gosselin, Milt’s daughter-in-law, rigged up this beauty by painting some to resemble sheet metal and adding a Harley-Davidson vinyl logo (have we mentioned that she is the queen of vinyl?).  She then added some racing flag decor that Michele had found to really give it a pop!
This photo booth was a great idea!
They first used it as the perfect backdrop for Milt to model his new biker attire to the tune of “Bad To the Bone.”  After that, it was not only was it a fun activity for the guests, but it also provided some really neat and out of the ordinary family and friend photo keepsakes…
The Biker Babes even got some extra attention here ;o)

Like father, like son.
The party people then chowed down on some amazing food that included Faulkner’s smoked wings (teriyaki and plain), mozzarella sticks, chips and salsa, popcorn, firecracker crackers, and more.
They also had pedal car races, a corn hole toss, bull riding and other games available for their guests to play and enjoy.
Overall, this was a super fun party with lots of fantastic memories!  Thanks to the Gosselin clan for bringing some wild fun to the Benjamin Ranch!

Interested in having a special party to celebrate a loved one?  Check out our website and then give us a call at 816-761-1234!  We’d love to help you plan a wild night of your own!

Have a great day ya’ll!

~ Your Friends at Faulkner’s

Posted on December 23, 2012
Can you believe that Christmas Eve is tomorrow?
For us, it seems as if this holiday season has flown by! We’ve had so many wonderful holiday parties here at Faulkner’s Ranch and at Benjamin Ranch.  We feel truly blessed to be able to celebrate with such wonderful companies and groups.
In fact, just this past weekend we had several great parties, each one unique in its own way!
On Friday night at the Benjamin Ranch we celebrated with Kansas City Internal Medicine.
As always, this was a really fun group!
Every year they vote on a theme.  Isn’t that a great way to get the entire office involved?  By allowing everyone to have a say and contribute their ideas, it not only makes them feel like a part of the plans, but it also makes them more likely to attend and encourage others to attend as well.  Plus, when you pick a great theme it creates some party hype!
We have hosted Kansas City Internal Medicine’s holiday party for the last three years.  The first year their theme was Western (of course!).  The second year it was Hollywood Red Carpet and the third year it was a Hawaiian Luau.  All wonderful themes! This year though their theme was especially fun – it was Wacky Tacky! 
Guests showed up in some really great costumes ranging from characters from Christmas Vacation to the Christmas Story! There were also some really hideous holiday sweaters being sported!
They transformed the barn from classic rustic western to wacky tacky by purchasing different table coverings for every table so they didn’t match.  Then everyone from the party planning committee brought tacky decorations from home for the centerpieces.  Aren’t they lovely?
Oh, and did we mention that there was LOTS and LOTS of tinsel?
That’s one of the things that we LOVE about both of our locations.  While they always lend themselves to the western theme, with a little bit of creativity and decorations they can be transformed to fit any theme your party planning heart desires!
But back to the KCIM Party!
One of the things that we really enjoy about this group is that they have traditions that they do every year, another great benefit of having a yearly holiday party.  For Kansas City Internal Medicine, they have a tradition of a huge musical chairs competition.  We’re not joking when we say that these people mean business when it comes to musical chairs!  The winner receives a trophy and of course, bragging rights for the year.
Each year, they also take the opportunity to hand out the bonuses based on the number of years that they employee has worked for the company. If you plan on doing this at your party too, then it’s always a good idea to remember to save these to the end.  Same goes if you’re having a raffle drawing.  Save the biggest prize for the end of the party to ensure that your guests stay the entire time and mix and mingle.
As you can see, this party was a lot of fun!  They even had a photo booth, which is a great way to not only create lasting memories, but also provide some fun party favors!
Oh, and we can’t wrap up until we tell you about the specialty drink they had called “The Elf.” This delicious drink was a HUGE hit!  To make it, just mix together:
1/2 oz Malibu rum
1/2 oz light rum (like Bacardi)
1/2 oz Blue Curacao
1/2 oz Melon Liqueur
Equal parts sweet and sour and pineapple juice
Garnish with a cherry, serve, and enjoy!

Overall this was an awesome night!  It was wacky, tacky, and full of fun!  Great job, KCIM!
Are you interested in having a holiday party at the ranch?  It’s not too late! Christmas may be in just a couple of days, but some of the best holiday parties take place after the holidays. Not only are people’s schedules usually more open, but they serve as a nice fourth quarter kick-off!
For more info on our holiday party packages, click here or give us a call at 816-761-1234.
Happy Holidays Ya’ll,
Posted on December 11, 2012
Lately a lot of people have been asking…
What’s the deal with Benjamin Ranch?
We’re not surprised!  We get asked questions all the time about this wonderful historic site.  So, we thought that we’d put together a little Q&A to tell you just what is going on over at the 87th Street location.
Q:  I didn’t even know that Benjamin Ranch was still around!  What goes on there now?
A:  A whole lot of awesome parties! 
At the Benjamin Ranch location, it’s all about the inside!  The 100 year old “Party Barn” is heated and air-conditioned.  It’s large and can seat 350 on one side and up to 250 on the other and can be opened up to accommodate 500 people indoors.

The Benjamin Ranch is also an ideal location for charity auctions with plenty of room for silent auction tables on one side and a live auction with dinner, dancing, and a bar on the other side.
There is also enough space for smaller groups to include casino tables and the mechanical bull for Holiday Parties and Corporate Events.

Rustic Chic and Country weddings are also very popular at the Benjamin Ranch.

Many couples have tied the knot there with a ceremony right in the charming barn, followed by a seamless transition into their unique reception space right next door. 

In addition to these events we also host several sorority and fraternity parties, as well as Quinceneras, Bar Mitzvahs, Bah Mitzvahs, and class reunions.
Q: How do you decide which location is best for your event?
A:  When you call to schedule an event (both locations share the same number), you will speak to one of our personal event planners.  Once they get an idea of the size and type of event you are wishing to have, they can recommend which location is the best choice.
For example, at Faulkner’s Ranch we specifically designed and built it for company picnics, team-buiding, and outdoor weddings.  There, the party barn seats up to 200 with an outside picnic pavilion that seats up to 400.  Faulkner’s Ranch can accommodate groups of 1200 or less.
All of our Pony Parties are now at Faulkner’s in the adorable Pony Party facility.  We also do our Pony Camp there now too, as well as our Pumpkin Season events.
Q: Do the Benjamin’s still own the Ranch?
A: Long story short, Bob and Marilyn Faulkner have leased the entire Benjamin Ranch for over 20 years and have produced all of the events inside.

At first Bob leased it from the Benjamin Family, then a developer in CA bought it and most recent a developer in KC owns it.  In 2007 we thought we had to be out of the Ranch due to the proposed Wizards soccer stadium development.  The plan then was that they were going to tear down the Ranch.  That was when we found the property on Raytown Road.  We bought it and developed an entertainment centered ranch of our very own that is today known as Faulkner’s Ranch!  It was around that time that the plan to build the soccer staduim fell through.  We were asked to stay at the Benjamin Ranch location, so we did.  And for now, we have 2 places to have a party!
Q:  I used to come out to the rodeo every year with my family.  Do they still do those?

While the JC Pro Rodeo no longer takes place, we still produce private custom rodeos at the Benjamin Ranch.  If your company is interested in throwing a private rodeo, just give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it!
So there you have it folks!  That’s the deal with Benjamin Ranch! It’s still alive and kicking!
If you’re interested in having an event there, or would like to find out which location is better suited for your event, just give us a call at 816-761-1234.

And now’s the perfect time! Book your Country Christmas Party at the Benjamin Ranch today!!!

Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on December 6, 2012
One of our most favorite recent events has to be 
the BOTAR party at Benjamin Ranch!
In case you are unfamiliar with the name, BOTAR stands for the Belles of the American Royal.
And let us tell you something…
These folks sure do know how to party!
On October 12th they had the barn all decked out with fantastic western decor!  The night was alive with a mechanical bull and live band!  The food was fabulous and the drinks were flowing!
Don’t believe us?
Just check out the AMAZING pictures below!
Our Benjamin Ranch location is the perfect place to host a company holiday party! For more information on our Country Christmas packages CLICK HERE or give us a call at 816-761-1234!
Have a great day ya’ll!


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