Posted on December 2, 2011
If you are like us, many of you probably still have pumpkins sitting on your front porch.
Instead of just tossing them in the trash, why not turn them into these awesome birdfeeders like Lisa Gosselin did!
Aren’t those just too cool?
Lisa made these birdfeeders out of her leftover Faulkner’s pumpkins by carving them and then filling them with chicken scratch.  Not only is chicken scratch cheaper than birdseed, but it is also less messy (there are no shells to worry about).
These bird feeders are not only super cute and inexpensive, but the birds can also eat off of the pumpkin meat for a water source during the winter.
Thanks for sharing this awesome idea, Lisa!  We can’t wait to see what creative idea you come up with next!
For more pumpkin bird feeder ideas, check out our Pinterest board.
Have a wonderful day!


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