Posted on August 28, 2013
Have you heard the word from the herd?
We’re having a Job Fair this Thursday (August 29th) from 4-8pm.  We will be looking for the creme of the crop for our 2013 Pumpkin Season!
This is a great opportunity for some fun seasonal work.  So, we thought we’d help ya’ll out by giving you some tips and tricks on how you can succeed and become a part of our Pumpkin Team.
First of all, who are we looking for? We are looking to fill positions for ranch hands, cashiers, and food service workers.  We’re also looking to cast our Scarecrow and Jolly Rancher.  We are looking for friendly, outgoing, hardworking people.  We want people who always have a smile on their face and love making other people’s days better.
What can you expect at the Job Fair? When you arrive you’ll be asked to fill out an application.  Here are a few things to make that process easier:
– If you have a resume, bring it!  That way you just have to staple it on instead of filling out that info.
– Have your list of references handy (you’ll be asked to provide a few references so be sure to have their names and numbers ready to write down)
– Know your availability!  This is so important.  If you can’t work a particular weekend (i.e. Homecoming) write that down now.  Being unable to work a few days won’t prevent you from getting hired, but it is important that we know what days ahead of time.
After you have completed your application, you will turn it in and we will call you over to be interviewed one by one.
Is this your first interview?  No problem!  We’re nice – we promise! ;o)  Just relax and be yourself.  Oh, and parents, even if this is your kiddo’s first interview, we encourage you to let them do the actual interview on their own.  Feel free to help them with their application and give them a pep-talk beforehand though! :o)
What are some of the questions you might ask?  The first thing we will probably ask you is for you to tell us a little bit about yourself.  That might sound simple, but it is a good thing to practice what you might say before hand.  This not only lets us know about you, but it gives us a glimpse at your personality.
Interview Tip:  Have some stories in mind for examples of how you are a hard worker or are good with people.
Also, be honest!  If you say on your resume that you can tap dance while juggling pumpkins we’ll ask you  to do it, so don’t put anything down that is not true.
What should I wear?  Dress to impress!  Now, this is the Pumpkin Ranch – no need to wear a business suit – but you should look presentable.  Tuck in that shirt, brush your hair, and have a smile on your face!
Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to becoming a part of our Pumpkin Team
Of course, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail us!
Have a great day, ya’ll!


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