Posted on October 3, 2013

These days most people take pictures on their smart phones.  Why not?  It’s so convenient and is such an easy way to capture moments with your family!  One of the best places to catch those fun moments: The Pumpkin Farm

So, in order to help you get the best pictures from your Pumpkin Farm trip, here are some tips and tricks for taking the best photos with your iPhone.
:: Watch your light!  The sun is your friend.  Good light means good photos.  If it is too dark they will turn out grainy.  Lucky for you, most of the pumpkin farm activities are outside.  Just make sure that your kiddo’s faces aren’t in the shadows.  The best way to make sure of this is to place your back to the light/sun.  That way the light is shining on your subjects.
:: Focus! Tap the persons face on the screen to focus (or whatever you are wishing to focus on).  You don’t want that smile to be blurry!
:: Snap, Snap, Snap Away!  It is best to take multiple photos of the same shot (the iPhone is great for this!)  Kids move a lot and look in different directions.  By taking several photos, chances are one of them will be a gem!
:: Get Up Close and Personal!  Don’t be afraid to get close to your subject.  Fill the frame to avoid extras.  This avoids having to do crops where you lose a lot of the photo quality.
:: Be Silly!  Make faces, do a goofy dance move, whatever it takes to get the best faces!  Yes, you might be making a fool of yourself, but you’ll get better pictures for it – trust us! ;o)

After you are done taking your photos, now it is time to edit.  Today there are a ton of apps available to download that make editing a breeze (and really fun!).  Here are a few of our favorites!
:: Afterlight – This is a great app for basic editing.  You can enhance, crop, brighten, and sharpen your photos all within this app.  It also has great filters and frames.
:: A Beautiful Mess – This app is a lot of fun!  Add filters, doodles, and phrases to add some pizazz to your photos.
:: Rhonna Designs – This is another great app to add personality to your photos.  Our favorite thing about this one is the vast variety of phrases that are available.
:: PicFrame – This app is for creating photo and video collages.  You can add up to nine photos or videos.
:: PicStitch – Another great collage tool!  This one offers a wide variety in your frame options.
:: PicPlayPost – The original app that allows you to combine your photos and videos into one image.  Great to use before posting to Instagram!
:: Flipagram – This app allows you to create a slideshow of your photos before sharing them on Instagram.
Awesome new apps are coming out everyday.  To find them, go to your App Store.  Click “Top Charts” at the bottom of the screen.  Then click “Categories” in the top left corner, scroll down and select “Photo and Video.”  From there you can see the top apps, both free and paid.

Now it’s time to share them!  We love when our guests share their photos with us online.  There are two ways to do this:
:: Instagram – Use our hashtag #FaulknersRanch
:: Facebook – After you upload your photos, tag Faulkner’s Ranch.

For some more advice on getting the best pumpkin patch photos visit here and here!

Follow these tips and tricks, and you’ll be sure to have some photos that will make you feel like you are back at the Pumpkin Farm again!

Have a great day, ya’ll!

~ Your Friends at Faulkner’s


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