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Posted on September 17, 2013
Remember when we showed you the ADORABLE and oh-so-unique wedding program from the Harney wedding?  Well, we wanted to show you some more of our favorite details from this special event at our Benjamin Ranch location.
Here is Christine with the Word from the Herd to tell you all about it!
Kevin (the Ranch J) and I had the amazing privilege to sit in on this wedding.  As you can imagine, between the two of us we must have over 500 weddings under our belts.  He and I both agreed that the Harney wedding goes down in history as one of the most special, thoughtful, personal ceremonies we have ever seen.  There were so many little touches that made it this way.  For example, when the bride’s father gave her away he talked for several minutes about the her character and strength which of course had everyone in tears.  The officiant was their pastor, as well as a good friend, who knew the couple well.  You could tell he believed that they were made for each other.
It was almost a surreal experience.  Just look at the light when she entered the room:
Didn’t she look stunning?
Speaking of stunning, let’s talk about the decor for the ceremony.  Russ Lawrence once again worked his magic and transformed the Benjamin Ranch into a charming, rustic, elegant place.
Speaking of the ceremony, I had never seen a foot washing incorporated into a ceremony before.  They added this because they wanted to show their service and sacrifice to each other.  It was so beautiful to watch.  The couple totally took their time.  I thought with their age they would surely snicker but the way they washed each others feet was so serious, sweet, and sincere.
Another small touch that made the ceremony wonderful was the sound.  Everyone who spoke was properly microphoned.  Doing this may cost a little bit extra, but it is totally worth it to share your vows for all of your loved ones to hear.
The reception area was also beautiful.  Russ Lawrence did an amazing job once again with the decor.
Of course, we can’t end this post without mentioning the food.  They had a buffet that was sure to please all of their guests.
The entire evening was just wonderful.  Oh, and we can’t forget this fun detail!  The bride and groom had their very own hashtag for Instagram!  That is such a great way to ensure that you get copies of all of the candid shots that people take throughout the night.  In fact, it’s like your own little online wedding album that you can look at right away.  They even shared some photos themselves.  The very last photo of the night was added by them: a selfie of the Harney’s titled “We’re Married!”
It was such a fun night and we feel so blessed to have been a part of it.
Congrats again to Mr. and Mrs. Harney!
~ Cowgirl Christine
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Let us tell ya somethin’, folks!  When it comes to Team Building, Black and Veatch’s marketing department does not mess around.  We had the privilege of hosting their team building event at our ranch and they were one of the most fun (and might we say competitive) groups that we have ever had.
Just take a look at some of the fun ranch chores we tested them with!
First things first, there was fishing!
Here they came, ready to see who could get the biggest catch…
It was the perfect day for fishing.  Absolutely beautiful and the fish were bitin’!
This cowboy earned 100 points for his team for catching the first fish.  Way to go!
Then there was some Duck Racing that they were very competitive about.
Who knew that little rubber duckies could bring out that side of people? ;o)
By the way, don’t you love their cowboy hats?  So festive!
Let’s not forget about the water balloon toss, a perfect way to stay cool on a hot summer day…
Great catch guys!
Of course, no Ranch Team Building would be complete without some goat dressing.
Don’t worry – no goats were harmed in this event.  They actually don’t mind it one bit!  Perhaps because they get spoiled with lots and lots of extra attention during our team building events.
Of course, all of this was in an effort to win one of the grand prize trophies!
Aren’t they cool?  They ordered them online, had them engraved to say “2013 Ranch Ruckus”, and adorned them with various little items related to the chores.
Plus everyone got one of these cool party favors…
Represent B&V!
Overall, this was such a fun day!  Plus, we always feel good knowing that we have helped a company build some team spirit.  Thanks again for joining us, Black and Veatch!
Have a great day, ya’ll!
Posted on September 16, 2013
Recently we were privileged to host the fine people of Cargill for their company picnic.  Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services.
Since Cargill is all about providing food, it was fun that day to turn the tables and feed them.
And feed them we did! Just take a look at their buffet.  Everyone was really excited to dig in… 
One great idea that anyone can take from this picnic is that they made sure to provide a vegetarian option.  This is always good idea.  Even if none of your employees are known to be vegetarians, their guests might me so it is always courteous to provide at least a few meals.
Speaking of courteous, the next thing they did just blew our mind.  They requested to have to-go meals prepared for the employees that couldn’t attend due to having to work.  Isn’t that awesome?  That is truly a great way to show employee appreciation.
By the way, did we mention that it was really hot that day?  Well, this group had no problem staying cool with all of the fun water games and activities.  Just check out the line for the dunk tank:
It was to dunk their manager.  Everyone wanted a chance at that!
Of course, there is no better way to stay cool than some yummy ice-cream.  There was no shortage of that with this awesome ice cream bar.  It had everything you needed to made a delicious sundae.
Talk about a great day!  Thanks again Cargill for choosing Faulkner’s Ranch to treat your employees!
Did you know that we have special Fall Picnic Packages for Pumpkin Season?

Have a great day, ya’ll!

Posted on September 12, 2013
If there is one thing that we all love here at the ranch it is some Taylor Swift.  We can’t help it – we are all die hard T-Swizzle fans.  We just love her!
So, of course when we found out that a very special birthday girl had only two requests for her big day, Faulkner’s Ranch and Taylor Swift, we were honored!  To be in the same ranks as our gal T – such a huge compliment!
Her mama did such a great job with the details.  Just look at this beautiful table setup…

And look – there’s Taylor!
There were other special details too like this homemade banner…
Such love!
Plus, we just loved the way that she displayed her lollipops.
So clever and fun!
Thanks again for picking us for your special day!  We hope that it was “enchanted”!
We’re curious – what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?  This is our current fave:

Have a great day, ya’ll!

Posted on September 10, 2013
Back in July we had the privilege of hosting the great people from Multi Service Corporation for their summer company picnic.
This picnic was one that was fun for everyone!  They included so many different amenities that gave guests of all ages something to do.  You might recall their cool airbrush tattoo station?  Oh, and their Kona Ice experience which got great reviews!
But wait, there’s more!
They even had a Texas Hold’Em tournament! We provide two poker table tops and the lovely Katie Tigerstrom set up the tourney.  In addition to poker, there were also roulette and blackjack tables.  The guests really enjoyed these gaming tables and loved gambling for some big prizes in the air-conditioned banquet barn.  A big thanks to our friends at Jacks and Aces.  They never fail to provide us with the best skilled and personable dealers.  They are so friendly and are awesome at instructing guests of all ages how to play.
Of course, no picnic would be complete without lots and lots of delicious food.
Just check out this menu…
There was something for everyone!
If you weren’t chowing down or enjoying some friendly gambling, you could probably be found playing volley-ball, riding the zipline, fishing at our pond, or playing one of the countless games hosted by our “Ranch J.”
This was such a fun day!  Thanks again to the awesome people at Multi Service for choosing Faulkner’s Ranch!
Have a great day, ya’ll!
Posted on September 9, 2013
Have you heard about one of the coolest new amenities we have for our company picnics?
It’s the Kona Ice Experience!
What is the Kona Experience?  One word: awesome.
Okay, okay, we’ll expand!
Kona Ice is a one-of-a-kind experience that serves a premium tropical shaved ice.  Basically, it is a fancy and super delicious snow cone.  This is not your typical snow cone, folks!  The flavors that they have are bold and so scrumptious! 
You just get your base snow cone and then head on over to the flavoring station where you can go with one flavor or get experimental and mix a few of your faves.  (Our favorite is Wild Wild Watermelon – yum!)
Oh, and did we mention that they are dairy-free, gluten-free, and even offer flavors that are sugar-free and dye-free?  A perfect, people-pleasing option to consider for your event.
They sure helped us “kool” down during this hot summer and made our company picnics even more fun!
Now we wanna know: what flavor(s) would you choose?
Have a great day ya’ll!
PS – Did you know that Kona Ice even has an app that you can download where you can guide their mascot penguin”Kona” on his way around Gooba Jooba Island?  I know!  Too much fun!
Posted on August 28, 2013
Have you heard the word from the herd?
We’re having a Job Fair this Thursday (August 29th) from 4-8pm.  We will be looking for the creme of the crop for our 2013 Pumpkin Season!
This is a great opportunity for some fun seasonal work.  So, we thought we’d help ya’ll out by giving you some tips and tricks on how you can succeed and become a part of our Pumpkin Team.
First of all, who are we looking for? We are looking to fill positions for ranch hands, cashiers, and food service workers.  We’re also looking to cast our Scarecrow and Jolly Rancher.  We are looking for friendly, outgoing, hardworking people.  We want people who always have a smile on their face and love making other people’s days better.
What can you expect at the Job Fair? When you arrive you’ll be asked to fill out an application.  Here are a few things to make that process easier:
– If you have a resume, bring it!  That way you just have to staple it on instead of filling out that info.
– Have your list of references handy (you’ll be asked to provide a few references so be sure to have their names and numbers ready to write down)
– Know your availability!  This is so important.  If you can’t work a particular weekend (i.e. Homecoming) write that down now.  Being unable to work a few days won’t prevent you from getting hired, but it is important that we know what days ahead of time.
After you have completed your application, you will turn it in and we will call you over to be interviewed one by one.
Is this your first interview?  No problem!  We’re nice – we promise! ;o)  Just relax and be yourself.  Oh, and parents, even if this is your kiddo’s first interview, we encourage you to let them do the actual interview on their own.  Feel free to help them with their application and give them a pep-talk beforehand though! :o)
What are some of the questions you might ask?  The first thing we will probably ask you is for you to tell us a little bit about yourself.  That might sound simple, but it is a good thing to practice what you might say before hand.  This not only lets us know about you, but it gives us a glimpse at your personality.
Interview Tip:  Have some stories in mind for examples of how you are a hard worker or are good with people.
Also, be honest!  If you say on your resume that you can tap dance while juggling pumpkins we’ll ask you  to do it, so don’t put anything down that is not true.
What should I wear?  Dress to impress!  Now, this is the Pumpkin Ranch – no need to wear a business suit – but you should look presentable.  Tuck in that shirt, brush your hair, and have a smile on your face!
Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to becoming a part of our Pumpkin Team
Of course, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail us!
Have a great day, ya’ll!
Posted on August 13, 2013
It’s always fun to host a group of out-of-towners at the ranch.  In fact, it is one of the favorite types of event that we produce!
So, of course, when Sarah from Notables in Minneapolis, MN called inquiring about a group of clients that they wanted to entertain during an upcoming convention that was going to be held in KC we were very excited.  Sarah’s partner, Rich, visited the ranch last winter to view the facility and discuss the details.  The rest is history!  We were delighted to finally host this fun group from all over the country with a fun-filled evening at the ranch this summer.
Check out the details below!
We couldn’t help but notice what the back of the bus said that they arrived on:
“Very Special People On Board.”
Amen to that!  They were special!
Okay, back to the par-tay!
They had lots of special touches planned that made the evening one that their guests will remember for a long time.
Here, let us just paint you a picture.  
Close your eyes and imagine yourself roasting s’mores by a summer campfire as you listen to Garry Lincoln strum his guitar and serenade you with his gorgeous voice.  Are you picturing it?  ….
Before they got to that part of the night though they enjoyed some other great things.  Just get a look at what was for dinner.
Are you drooling yet?  Yup, that’s what we thought.  Not sure if you know this, but we make all of our own BBQ here at the ranch – no outside catering here!  And, we don’t want to brag or anything, but it is dang good! Don’t believe us?  Then just try some during Pumpkin Season – it’ll have you comin’ back for more! 🙂
In addition to the chow, they also played some fun ranch games.  No matter what age you are, there is nothing like a good cow milking contest.  Never milked a cow before?  Don’t worry – Old Bessy is a good one to practice on 😉
They also had some fantastic party favors that were right up our alley.
Aren’t these belt buckles cool?  We loved this party favor because not only is it usable, but it ties in with the theme of the night.
We were so glad that we go to spend such a fun evening with these folks!  You can imagine how delighted we were when we opened up our Inbox and saw that a special video of the night had been e-mailed to us from Cesar Hernandez, their graphic designer.  Click here to see it yourself – it’s awesome!

Interested in having an event at Faulkner’s Ranch?   Well, then just click here pardner!
Have a great day, ya’ll!

Posted on August 8, 2013
Things have been getting pretty hardcore at our company picnics lately.
That’s right, we’ve been tattin’ it up and gettin’ inked!

Don’t worry if you’re afraid of needles though!  You won’t find any at our tattoo stations.
That’s because these are all done with an airbrush by our skilled tattoo artists.
These airbrush tattoos are the not only painless, but they’re also non-permanent.  The perfect kind if you ask us!
This amenity has been very popular with all ages.  Talk about a great activity to provide at your company picnic or birthday party!
Now we wanna know:
If you could get any tattoo, what would you get?
Interested in learning more about our Company Picnics?  Well then CLICK HERE, pardner!
Have a great day, ya’ll!
Posted on August 7, 2013
We always love sharing the ideas that our wonderful brides and grooms bring to the table.  So, of course, when we saw this awesome wedding program, we just knew that we had to share it with you!
Instead of your usual wedding program, the Harney’s added some special character to their programs with caricatures!
That’s right, next to the name of everyone in the wedding party was a caricature of them.  Isn’t that fun?  
Here’s a closeup shot of the wedding party:
We’re especially a fan of Caleb’s look.  That’s quite the stache!
This is such a fun alternative to your regular wedding program.  Plus, it’s a great keepsake for the wedding party too!
Now we wanna know…
What other cool wedding program ideas have you seen?
For more info on wedding and receptions at Faulkner’s Ranch and Benjamin Ranch, click here!
Have a great day ya’ll!


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