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Posted on May 2, 2012
It’s springtime here on the ranch!
How do we know?
We’ve got babies everywhere!
Meet the two newest members of the Faulkner family…
Aren’t they adorable?
Stop on by our Facebook page and help us think of some names for this adorable twosome!
Have a great day ya’ll!
Posted on April 27, 2012
Here is Christine with the Word from the Herd on our Featured Party:
The Pembroke Hill Mother/Son Hoedown!
Boys will be boys!
Even though they were over the weight limit (tsk, tsk guys!) the boys couldn’t get enough of the zipline before the party!
They then so kindly thanked me for letting them break the rules by posing for a pic to send to their mommas.
Don’t they look handsome?

One of our favorite things about this party was the extra special attention put into the decor.
The decoration committee must have put at least 40 total man hours in the production of this event.  The place looked amazing and I was honored and thrilled to watch in awe at how they layered and transformed and created.  
Everywhere you looked there was some fun eye candy!

For example, breadsticks from Trader Joe’s and licorice twists in the buckets make cool edible table decor.
Perfect for teenage boys!
And check out these awesome centerpieces!
So colorful and fun!

One of our favorite parts of the decor was the buffet and slideshow area…
Another one of our favorite details were the Wanted posters of all of the boys.  Such a fun way to have fun with each boys personality! Here are a few of our favs:

We also loved all of the pattern mixing that they had going on.  The decorating committee chose to bring in plaid table cloths and even these adorable plates for dinner…

Speaking of dinner, doesn’t it look delicious?
And that’s just the salad right there!

When it came to the buffet, it wasn’t a cattle call.  After all, why wait in line when you can play a fun little game to get to know your table mates better.  It was very thoughtful and a great dinner icebreaker!

Now, let’s talk about the awesome party attire…

Lots of boys in plaid shirts!  I love the use of a bolero or nice statement piece of authentic Western jewelry.  One of the best ways to do this is to use a neutral pallete and let the piece shine.

This boy’s momma taught him right…

He gave her a corsage!
The only boy out of the whole event to do so.
Very classy if I do say so myself!

And if you wanted to really get into the western spirit you could stop by a table an the entrance and pick up your very own mustache, sheriff’s badge, and cowboy hat!

Little party favors like this can really help your guests get into the spirit of the theme!

The fun kept going throughout the night…

Line dancing lessons to “Footloose” were a perfect touch to get everyone out on the dance floor!

Then of course, there was the slideshow…

We have to admit, we didn’t event know these boys and Jessica and I were crying.
We couldn’t help it!  It was a very special night watching these mommas celebrate with their boys who were about to leave the nest and pursue very hopefully futures.

This celebration was so exciting to be a part of!  Thanks for letting us be a part of this wonderful memory!

Have a great weekend ya’ll,

Posted on April 16, 2012
Look who stopped by to take some fun pics at the ranch this weekend…
We hope you had a blast Tigers!!!
Posted on March 3, 2012
Projects and Parties
Guest Post by Cowgirl Christine


Picture this, two white legal pads.
One to-do list titled “HOME” and one titled “RANCH.”

My to-do lists are subdivided by daily to-do’s and parking lots aka stuff I will get to eventually.  There is no greater satisfaction than crossing right through a single line item once the chore has been done.  And by done I mean “all the way rayed”.  All the way ray is a phrase we use a lot in our home.  Dishes for example are not all way the rayed until they removed from the table, scraped, rinsed, and stuck in the dishwasher.  Know what I mean?  Start to finish.  

Here are a few items I have recently crossed off the ole to-do list:

We planted some new trees at both the Ranch and the homestead.   This was a BIG project.  I did actually think I could dig the holes myself and get er done but in the end it took a bobcat and auger.  A BIG thanks to Matt and Fransisco for planting the trees.  I love them!
Also, in effort to make a more cozy home I have pimped my machines thanks to my cool cuz, Lisa Gosselin.
The next 2 projects I did not personally build or construct or create myself but they will soon be crossed off my to-do list ranch.
1.  Fransisco built a new fence. WOO HOO!
2.  Richard is re-storing our 50 year old mechanical pony.  (More on this to come.)   
This made me so excited for the inaugural Saturday, breaking it in with 7 pony parties!
Speaking of parties…
People dress up for pony parties and I love everything about the cool cowboy and cowgirl couture I see here on Saturdays.  I think my love of Western fashion is in my blood going way back to the days of the old Western Wear Store.  
That’s all for now.   There will be plenty to report after this past weekend with 7 pony parties, 2 corporate events on Saturday, and a photo shoot with the amazing Russ Lawrence on Sunday.
Cowgirl Christine
Posted on January 30, 2012
One of our favorite things about this blog is sharing all of the inside details and behind the scenes fun of Faulkner’s Ranch.  That is why we are starting a new little guest post segment called “The Word from the Herd.”
That’s right! Our ranch hands are going to give you the low-down on what’s going on at Faulkner’s Ranch! To kick things off, here is someone that you all probably know –  Christine Loneman, one of the owners and managers of Faulkner’s!
A January Weekend at Faulkner’s Ranch
I can say, without a doubt, that I absolutely LOVE my job.  One of the greatest perks of going to work has to be bumping into high school peeps at various events around the Ranch-a-Roos, seeing what they are up to, and connecting with them as a small business owner.  It’s crazy to think about how many people I run into all time.
For example, this past weekend was like a blast from the past.  Just last Friday I was working a casino party at the Benjamin Ranch for a super cool IT Training company and in walks Jessica Taylor Horton.  Her hubby works for the company.  I thought Jessica was cool in HS and she is still very cool today.  She is currently the owner of Tin Roof Photography.  She photographed our Faulkner Family at the old farm on View High Drive and that picture still hangs in my folks’ house today.  When talking to her this weekend I found out that she is just starting a new adventure that I am loving called RE: Restoration Emporium  She and another LSHS peep Amy Shaw McMicheal restore, repurpose, refinish, and renew vintage items and antiques.  The have such talent when it comes to creating awesome furniture pieces! You have to be sure to check it out.
Me and Jessica
Saturday was a busy one as well with 4 pony parties and a 5oth Wedding Anniversary.  The very first pony party of the day for Mac whose mommy is Christine South from high school.  For this very reason I keep my ‘92 and ‘93 yearbooks in the Pony Place under the register. You’ll never know when you might need them! Every time a fellow Tiger comes through we open them up and reminisce (Oh the hair!).  Much to my surprise Shelly Payne Brown, another HS peep and her adorable sons were guests at the party!    Shelly is Vice Principal at Blue Springs South.  We had a pretty good laugh about that since back in the day LSHS and BSHS were HUGE rivals! (Go Tigers!)

In the next barn over there were plenty of ole friends and acquaintances at the sweetest 50th Wedding Anniversary party for the Shepards.  The Shepards belong to Abundant Life Baptist Church so I was fortunate to get see some old neighbors, Tom and Elizabeth Guenther and the Perry Family (I went to HS with their children Jeff and Jill Perry.) 

Working that event was a lot of fun!  Sometimes I feel like a privileged fly on the wall getting to witness the most intimate moments of events like when Rich Langston with Discover Church read questions that were written by the Shepard’s guests.  It was a little bit like the newlywed game and we learned a lot about their relationship, travels, and future plans.  It was such a fun idea for an anniversary party!

I learned that when the Shepards were married she shared that after the ceremony they went home and she cooked the only meal she knew how at age 18 – meatloaf.  The next day they got up and went to school and work.  A fairly simple start.  Well between now and then they have lived a full life.  They have traveled all 50 states and around the world.  Much of the traveling was Mission trips. Talk about an amazing, inspiring marriage.  Betty, one of our scarecrows, has always said there are 3 people in a marriage; husband , wife, the Lord.  Picture a triangle.  That is what a saw in the Shepard’s and it made me feel honored to help them celebrate their special day.

The weekend wrapped up with a bittersweet day on Sunday as my folks headed South for the winter.  They got to stop on the way in Fort Wayne IL to see Charlie (Duc 1) and his lovely wife for lunch.
I feel so blessed to have such an amazing job where I get to reconnect with old friends and meet amazing new people every day!
What can I say? My job rocks!

Posted on January 28, 2012
Happy Anniversary to Marilyn and Bob Faulkner!
Here’s a little video we found of you two keeping 
the fire of love alive and going strong!
Wishing you the happiest of anniversaries!!!


Posted on January 14, 2012
The holiday party season has come and gone.
Needless to say, we had an absolute blast celebrating with everyone who chose to party it up at Faulkner’s Ranch!
We noticed a few big trends this year that definitely caught our eye.

Here are some of our favorite ones that we wanted to share with you!
The Party Bus
On the outside it may look like a normal school bus…
But on the inside it is a total party!!!
Companies that care about their peeps go the extra mile and provide a safe ride to and from the party.  Plus, it gets the party going before you even arrive!
Photo Booths
Are you looking for an affordable and unique party favor or entertainment idea for your guests? 
A photo booth is the perfect solution and a great way to keep your guests entertained all night.
Photo booths not only draw a crowd, generate excitement, and inspire contagious laughter, but they also allow your guests to go home with a unique keepsake to remember just how much fun they had at Faulkner’s Ranch. 
White Elephant Christmas
White Elephant Christmas was super popular this year at our holiday parties.
How do you play White Elephant? It’s easy!
In its most basic form, the gameplay is as follows: Each guest supplies one wrapped gift. Participants determine in what order they will take turns choosing gifts.
Some do it via Bingo, others draw numbers.
The first person opens a wrapped gift and the turn ends. The second person then chooses whether to open a wrapped gift or “steal” a previously opened gift. This is where it gets really fun! If a person has his gift stolen, he/she also has the option of choosing a wrapped gift or stealing an unwrapped one. When a wrapped gift is opened, the turn ends. When all gifts have been unwrapped, the game ends.

And you should see some of the awesome gifts that went around this year…

Who wouldn’t want those?

Some Killer Dance Moves
Okay, so this isn’t so much a trend but we could help but notice that our party guests had some serious dance moves this year!
We didn’t capture a video of it, but here is something similar…
So those are the big holiday party trends of 2011!
We just want to say a big thanks to everyone who helped make our holiday party seasons a blast!
Wanna have a party with us next year? It’s never too early to plan your event.  Many companies even book a year in advance to secure the perfect date.
Just click here for more information or give us a call at (816) 761-1234.
Keep on Partyin’ Ya’ll,
Posted on December 10, 2011
It’s Not Too Late To Plan
Your Holiday Party at Faulkner’s Ranch!
The holiday season finally here!  Why not treat your closest friends, employees, and associates to a memorable time at Faulkner’s Ranch!
Whether you are entertaining employees and guests or hosting a family holiday event, planning your festivities with our skilled event planners is a fun and stress-free process that takes just one phone call.
Click HERE for more information on how you can have a jolly good time at Faulkner’s!
Happy Holidays Ya’ll,
PS  – Have a big birthday coming up? Maybe a special anniversary? Or perhaps a class reunion!  Then be sure to give us a call and ask about our special winter discounted rates and packages!
Posted on December 8, 2011
Do you have a horse lover in your family?
What about a special pup?
Whether it’s a pony or a pup, a horse or a hound,
you will be sure to find the perfect gift at Faulkner’s Saddlery!
Posted on December 2, 2011
If you are like us, many of you probably still have pumpkins sitting on your front porch.
Instead of just tossing them in the trash, why not turn them into these awesome birdfeeders like Lisa Gosselin did!
Aren’t those just too cool?
Lisa made these birdfeeders out of her leftover Faulkner’s pumpkins by carving them and then filling them with chicken scratch.  Not only is chicken scratch cheaper than birdseed, but it is also less messy (there are no shells to worry about).
These bird feeders are not only super cute and inexpensive, but the birds can also eat off of the pumpkin meat for a water source during the winter.
Thanks for sharing this awesome idea, Lisa!  We can’t wait to see what creative idea you come up with next!
For more pumpkin bird feeder ideas, check out our Pinterest board.
Have a wonderful day!


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