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Posted on May 30, 2016


Company picnics can be just what your employees need to boost productivity and morale in the office. But how do you ensure that the whole company is on board? Faulkner’s Ranch has some quick tips on how to increase the attendance – and the benefits – of your next company picnic.

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1. Save The Date



One of the first steps to planning a company picnic is choosing a date. Once that date has been chosen, your next step is beginning to spread awareness of your event. Make sure to send a save the date or invitation early on and include all the information they’ll need to plan ahead and get excited, and make sure to include an RSVP email for guests to reply.


Want to go the extra mile? Create a Facebook event to go along with it. This allows you to update attendees of any last minute changes, send out reminders as the date approaches, and continue to generate buzz.



2. Post Flyers Around the Office

Sure, you may have sent out the invites months in advance, but once that invite is out of sight, it also becomes out of your employee’s mind. Keep a consistent design that matches the initial invite, and design a flyer or a poster to hang around the office to make sure they don’t forget.

We suggest posting these in high-traffic areas around your office for everyone to see. This will ensure that every employee remembers the big day, and that the attendance of your picnic will be booming!

Helpful Tip: Get creative and use the theme of your event to get your guests excited


3. Entice With a Prize

Everyone loves to be rewarded, especially when there’s a prize involved! A great way to do this is to reward employees who RSVP. For instance, reward the first 35 employees who RSVP with an early bird prize once they arrive at the event. This not only promotes more people to come to your company picnic, but it makes your life easier dealing with RSVP’s, and also gives them an incentive to show up on the day of the event.

Another way to reward party-goers is with a party favor! This gives employees one more thing to look forward to as well as encourage them to stay until the end of the event.


4. Include Families



Big companies struggle to plan events during work hours, and when company picnics fall during employee’s free time it tends to decrease attendance in a big way. A great way to increase attendance for company picnics that are outside of work hours is to include families.


This will not only boost attendance amongst employees with families, but it adds more meaning to the event, while also reminding them that your company appreciates and values the time they spend at work away from their families and loved ones.


5. Get It Trending

Get your employees involved with your company picnic. Create a hashtag and include it in everything leading up to the event, and use it as a way to track your success and get it trending throughout your company.

Using a hashtag for a company event is also great for the day of the company picnic. Any pictures or videos posted with the hashtag allows employees to access fun memories from the picnic even long after it’s all over.

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Interested in a hosting your company picnic at Faulkner’s Ranch? Check out our company picnic packages, or contact us today to find out more!


Posted on May 20, 2016


Does your wedding DIY have you losing your mind? It may be time to hand it over to the professionals. Check out the top DIY mistakes the professionals at Faulkner’s Ranch see brides make, and how we can help you avoid a potential Do-It-Yourself disaster.


1.  Underestimating Time


When it comes to DIY for your wedding, time is money. Sure, it may seem easy when you’re testing one or two of your Pinterest ideas, but many couples underestimate the time and money that can be lost when it comes time to making a hundred more of your handmade idea.

This aspect makes hiring the right professionals key. For instance, hiring a wedding planner can save you time and stress, while choosing the right venue can also serve as a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

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2. Lighting


While it may seem simple enough to hang some lights around your venue the day of your wedding, it’s a whole lot easier to leave the fuss to us. If it requires you or a loved one climbing a ladder or breaking a sweat on your wedding day, it’s not worth it!

Many venues, including Faulkner’s Ranch, have numerous options for lighting to choose from, which can save you time, money, and the hassle of setting them up on the day of your wedding.

3. Flowers


Even if you are going with the simplest of floral arrangements for your tables and bouquets, no bride should be running around tying up bouquets and arranging flowers on the day of her wedding. Most venues, including Faulkner’s Ranch, allow you to rent the components for your centerpiece, such as vases, votives, and mason jars. Renting these from your venue saves you the hassle of hauling them to and from the venue as well as tons of money!

Once you’ve found your florist, show her your vision. This is where your Pinterest boards come in handy! A great florist will take note of your accent colors and incorporate trends to create a unique look for your special day. If you are looking to save money in this area, try asking your florist about using local flowers or simpler options that can help you save. Flowers require a lot more time and attention than most brides suspect, so it’s best to leave this one to the professionals.

4. Dining & Décor


Dining and décor set the mood for your whole reception, and while you may be a great dinner host for a group of eight, catering and decorating for an entire wedding is a whole other animal.

When picking a venue, be sure to ask about what they offer and make sure they understand your vision. Venues that provide food and decor options do so because they have catering for large parties down to a science. This is one aspect of your wedding where you should definitely ditch the DIY. You’ll thank yourself later.

Leave the details to us! Check out our wedding packages and all we have to offer at Faulkner’s Ranch!

5. Hair


There is no doubt that hair sometimes has a mind of its own, and chances are your wedding day won’t stop it from doing whatever it pleases. This is why hiring a professional hair stylist is a must.

Your wedding is a day you will look back on for the rest of your life, so simply hoping for a good hair day won’t cut it. Once you’ve chosen a hair stylist, make sure to schedule a practice consultation before the day of your wedding to make sure you get exactly what you want when it comes time to walk down the aisle.

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6. The Officiant


With options to become ordained online, having a friend or family member officiate a wedding has become a popular option for brides. Although this may seem like a good idea, we suggest choosing an officiant with plenty of experience to avoid unwanted mistakes and a smooth ceremony.

Many brides believe that this will add a personal touch to their ceremony, but too much joking around and personal detail can take away from what should be a very intimate moment. A less experienced officiant may forget critical parts of the ceremony or become too emotional to perform the ceremony, leaving you with a less than picture perfect moment. Instead, leave your ceremony to the professionals and save some time for your loved ones to speak at your rehearsal dinner or your reception!

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7. Photographer


Whether it’s saying “I do” or sharing your first dance, there’s only one chance to get the perfect shot. No pressure. So while it’s sweet of your kid cousin to want to practice his photography skills, your wedding day should not serve as the guinea pig. Hiring a wedding photographer allows you and your guests to fully enjoy your wedding without the distraction or pressure of capturing every moment themselves.

At Faulkner’s Ranch, we realize that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we treat it as such from start to finish. If you need help finding the perfect photographer, check out a list of our preferred vendors whom we recommend to our beautiful brides.

8. Don’t Assume


The biggest reason brides resort to DIY is to save money. Most assume that doing it yourself is the cheaper option, when in reality it usually ends up costing you more money and – as we said earlier – more time.

While certain DIY projects can be done successfully on a budget, it’s in your best interest to get quotes from the professionals first. If you compared the quote to what your DIY project would cost and it seems a lot cheaper, you probably forgot to put a price on your time. Time is money while planning a wedding, and sometimes it pays to hand it over to the professionals.


Calling all newly engaged couples & wedding planners! Be sure to join us for our Barn Warming Open House on June 22. Learn more about the event and RSVP, here.

Posted on April 7, 2016

Love is in the air and wedding season in full bloom at Faulkner’s Ranch! From our beautiful wedding arbor to our charming banquet barn, we’re giving you a sneak peek of all our special wedding features here at the Ranch.

The Bridal Suite


Share a pre-wedding toast in the Bridal Suite.

Brides and their attendants enjoy relaxing in our charming Bridal Suite before they say “I do.”

The Bridal Suite is equipped with two glam stations, a private restroom and plenty of comfortable seating for your bridal party.

A menu of light snacks, refreshments and, of course, some pre-wedding bubbly is available upon request.


The Wedding Arbor


Concept Drawing of our future wedding ceremony site.

Our Wedding Arbor is getting a makeover! Enhancements include beautiful landscaping, a paved aisle and the romantic arbor itself.

Couples love the Wedding Arbor as a wedding ceremony site because its simplicity gives brides the chance to add their own special touch, from florals to lace, to the already beautifully scenic setting. 


Join us as we unveil the full makeover at our upcoming BarnWarming Open House.


The Wedding Pavilion


The covered Wedding Pavilion can be used in many different ways.

The Wedding Pavilion is the perfect space to gather your guests before and after your wedding ceremony.

If dining and dancing outdoors is your style, the pavilion can also be easily transformed into your reception site.

Beyond the pavilion is a stage for the DJ with a dancefloor ready for dancing the night away. Brides love the look of our market lights which give their reception a charming sparkle.


The Banquet Barn


Couple shares a “First Dance” on the Banquet Barn Dance Floor.

Our indoor, climate- controlled Banquet Barn features many rustic decorative elements like wooden stable doors and a gorgeous wooden dance floor.  

Not to mention, couples love serving delicious food prepared by the Ranch on an elegantly designed buffet in this part of the Ranch.

Learn more about the additional amenities we offer to amp up your special day.

Faulkner’s Ranch wants you to have it your way on your wedding day. Click here for more information on packages and pricing for your special day.

Posted on February 27, 2015
Happy Mother of the Bride
We can go on and on about how wonderful our ranch weddings are.  But nothing truly says it best like a letter from a happy mother of the bride.  The Whiteaker/Oakes wedding was one of our favorite weddings we’ve ever done and we were so happy when this showed up in our inbox just a week later.

Sat, Nov 9, 2013

Good morning Lisa!
Boy, it is hard to imagine exactly 1 week ago it was wedding day, what a fast week it has been!
I am one happy Mom I know that for a fact! You all outdid yourselves at my daughters wedding and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have had many people in conversation this week tell me how wonderful the staff was during our cookie hour and supper hour. The supper was magnificent!  A true family atmosphere that fit the Whiteaker and Oakes Families to a “T”.  I was busy with the kids trying to take it all in and I know I missed a lot , but, knowing you all were taking care of things on our special day is overwhelming. There are not enough thank yous in the world to tell you how I feel on the inside. This is a wedding people will be are still are talking about for awhile and that makes me very proud.   
Recognition is such a “must” during life and I would appreciate it if you passed on my thankfulness to each of the staff that evening. My only wish is I would have wrapped my arms around each of them and given them a big hug because that is who I am. If Mike told me once he told me twice how he was keeping a watchful eye on the kids gifts, so much appreciated.
I sure hope you all are still around when the time comes for my son to get married. Once again thank you for a country elegant memorable experience. 
Much love, hugs and Blessings from this Mom!

Julie Whiteaker 

She also left such a sweet comment on our Facebook page…


Feedback like this is why we do what we do.  It is such a wonderful feeling to know that we were an integral party of this day that they they will remember forever.
Oh, and before we go, we just have to share one more thing.
Just look at their cupcake tower! Isn’t it beautiful?!
Have a great day, y’all!
~ Your Friends at Faulkner’s


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