Posted on July 11, 2014
On Friday, May 2nd, forty-one awesome folks from Catapult International,  an international shipping software development company, joined us for a team-building extravaganza!

This was an amazing and inspiring group to have at the ranch.
For an idea on what they do, just check out this video:

Near the end of the video, Matt Motsick, one of the owners talks about their company culture.  He says, “We want to make sure we have happy employees because when you have happy employees you have a great amount of success.”
It was so apparent throughout the planning process leading up to their event that they truly do care about their employees.  He, along with Bryan Luttrell, have created such a positive work environment for their group and it showed when they were all together at the ranch.
Most of the guests were out-of-towners, mainly from California, so they were excited to get in touch with their inner-country side. The international attendees were especially excited to get a taste of KC BBQ and to enjoy some real Midwest activities.
They arrived on buses ready for fun!  After a warm welcome by their Ranch J, Ted, they enjoyed a delicious lunch.  The menu included pulled pork, brisket of beef with all the fixins, and much more.  So delicious!
After lunch, they were able to partake in some of our Ranch Rec activities such as horse shoes, washers, and tic-tac-toilet seat.  Following the games, they had a short meeting with some recognitions and awards.  For events like this, it is always nice to alternate between business and fun because it helps keep your employees energy up.

After the meeting, it was time to get down to some real business with Ranch Chores!
It was such a blast watching them do the team-building activities.  After all, most of the attendees were IT or sales that work out of their homes, so many of them didn’t know each other well.  What a better way to get to know your fellow employees than with some cow-milkin’, roller-ropin, tug-of-war, and more!  Winners of the games went home with some awesome gift cards.

Throughout the chores there was a bar available and half-way through we provided a snack of cheese, crackers, and trail mix.

See that cowboy milking the cow?  He is one of the two founders of the company.  Christine got the chance to talk to him briefly after the event about his story and the journey that he went on to build this global company from scratch.  He said it was a huge leap of faith, but that it takes assembling assembling the right people in the right places to succeed.  Needless to say, we were very proud and honored to work with them here.  
Thanks again to Catapult for choosing Faulkner’s Ranch!  You guys really are an inspiration! 

For more info on our Ranch Chores and Team-Building, click here.
Have a great day, y’all!


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