Posted on September 27, 2012
A couple of weeks ago we had yet another amazing wedding at the ranch when we had the privilege to work with Hannah and Issac Cole on their special day.
These two lovebirds were just awesome to work with!  They were big kids at heart and totally made for one another, which of course makes our job really fun!
We were thrilled when we found out that they wanted to have a rustic, fall, pumpkin themed wedding.
In order to make their dream wedding come true, they brought in the experts at Blue Bouquet, one of Kansas City’s premier florists.
Check out the awesome look this professional team created to make this couple’s vision come to life!
Let’s start with the ceremony site which was lined with pumpkins…
Simple and beautiful!
They then carried the pumpkin/fall/rustic theme into the ceremony decor with the centerpieces.
We loved how they used a variety of different types of flowers and vases, along with mini-pumpkins to achieve this look.
Plus, check out these awesome mason jars that they used as candle holders.
We have seen burlap around the base of a mason jar but they used jute which was so cute!
One of the benefits of hiring a florist to set up your wedding is that you get to r-e-l-a-x!  
That’s why we love the picture below of the mother of the bride just chilling in a rocking chair before the guests arrived.
Because she hired a professional like Blue Bouquet, all of the details were seen to, leaving her to relax and enjoy watching her daughter take pictures before the wedding.
Now, back to the decor!  One thing that made this wedding unique was that this couple had a lot of very personal elements worked into their design.
One special element included the use of the family sofa that they lovingly referred to as “the pit.”  The Mother of the Bride told us all about how the sofa has been in their family for 30 years and how she even has pictures of her oldest son in diapers on it.
The close friends of the bride were even telling us about how many movies they have watched on “the pit: and how many nights they have slept on it (as well as a couple of make out sessions in their teenage years, lol).
So it was a natural that it spent its last night at Hannah’s wedding, placed perfectly next to the ambient fires for people to lounge on and reminisce.
Speaking of seating, we love how they incorporated hay bales into their pavilion design to give the guests more options…
What truly set the pavilion off though was the lighting.
It was amazing!
The Blue Bouquet floral crew hand-screwed in hundreds of very fragile bulbs and then hand unscrewed them too at the end of the night.  In all they had 5 staff here from 12:30pm to 4:30pm decorating the banquet barn, pavilion, and wedding arbor.  We estimate that they put about  30 man-hours into on-site decor and tear down.  Who knows how many they had in preparation?
And boy did it show!
So pretty!

The banquet barn continued their theme and further illustrated how these two were just kids at heart.
As you can see in the photo of the dessert bar below, they took the bride’s pumpkin rustic theme and mixed in the groom’s love of superheroes and comic books (see them on the table?)
Oh, and did we mention that the  groom even wore a superman boutonniere.
The couple also had a very unique guest book which was based on the movie “Up.”
Each guest made a thumbprint to look like a balloon and their name or signature to look like the string.  They will display this in their home.
What a fantastic piece of art to walk by each day and remind you of how special your wedding was!
Another cool thing that the couple did in lieu of party favors was that they donated to their special friend Charles’s surgery.
Charles lives in Uganda and you can read from the picture below his story about being hit by a car at age four.
They also Skyped in a relative in Uganda during the ceremony and reception which was fun.
Overall, this wedding was such a joy to be a part of!
So unique and personal, and of course, we LOVED how they incorporated pumpkins into their design!
Thank you Hannah and Issac for choosing Faulkner’s Ranch as the place for your special day!

If you’re interested in having your wedding at Faulkner’s Ranch click here for more information! We’d love to show you around and tell you about all that we have to offer!
Also, be sure to check out Blue Bouquet if you are looking for a phenomenal florist!  They were an absolute pleasure to work with and we can’t wait to have them back out at the ranch again.
Have a great day ya’ll!


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